When we pray, we are acting out what Scripture says

IWDM35 So when we pray, we are acting out what Scripture says. That G-d made us from the earth and gave us intelligence and guidance to satisfy our hungry minds. And we stood up. See standing position in prayer, that means establishment, not establishment for individuals, establishment for the community. Standing  position in prayer means that you are beginning as an established people establishing community life.

Bow Ruku’ we had only the hope of babies and animals

Then you acknowledge G-d. Remember Him, and acknowledge Him as He has guided us to remember and acknowledge Him. Then you put your hand on your knees saying to G-d, “G-d we were once crawling around on our hands and knees, babies, like all babies do. But though we were walking, standing on our physical feet, walking with these physical feet in our life. In our minds, in our intelligence and in our expectations, there was no more than the hope of babies just have food, clothing and shelter, play, sex and go to bed, wake up and repeat it the next day.

So we are saying to G-d, “You found us just like those animals that walk on fours. And You lifted us up from our knees. So you praise Him and you raise up from your knees. You say, “Surely G-d hears whoever praises Him.”

And then standing again you say “G-d is greater”. You go all the way down to the floor, and you do what he is asking (someone in the audience asked a question earlier), addressing his questions too, you put your forehead, your nose, your palms, your feet and knees, your toes in front of your feet on the ground, eight spots touch. You touch the ground in eight places and touching the ground with eight places you come back up and you say, “G-d is greater.”

  • Imam Warith Deen Mohammed – 10/05/2003 Researching Our Faith and Supporting Business Life in Our Neighborhoods

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  • taalibwdm

    As Salaam Alaikum:
    Thanks as always Nashid for this needed resource. I’m preparing a Powerpoint presentation on this subject and you’ve provided information for some areas where I was lacking. Alhamudlilaah!

  • Hakim

    As Salaam Alaikum and thanks for this very helpful information of Imam W.D. Mohammed’s tefsir on salat, this is very helpful to me and I thank you again for locating, keeping and sharing it with us here.

    • nashid

      WAS Hakim

      Al Hamdulillah. Imam Mohammed shared so much with us. Don’t forget to share it with others who are like minded with us.


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