G-D is Real: Allah is Regressing their Nature

G’d is real.

You can’t help it.

They can’t help it.

You aren’t going to change nothing.

AllCandidatesWhat I’m telling you is going to happen, whether you like me, or reject me, or follow me, it’s going to happen. Allah is already regressing their nature; just like they put us in circumstances to regress our nature that means to send it back, to make it weaker, and weaker, and dumber, and dumber; Allah is causing their nature to become weaker and dumber, weaker and dumber. They hardly have a fit person to offer for the presidency when these four years are up. – Imam W. Deen Mohammed (2003)

Imam Warith Deen Mohammed: A Closer Look at His Legacy and Approach

IWDM-Legacy-banner‘’Although much of what Imam Mohammed described as goals and objectives has yet to be accomplished, he left a community of people with a new mind, spirit, soul, and profound knowledge that, when put together and harnessed will lead to another profound chapter in the history of this community in America. The legacy of Imam Mohammed is not finished; its first phase is being completed with the preservation of his knowledge body. Its next phase is just beginning.”

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The Law Protects Freedom of Religion

Demand the same presence and respect that they give Christians.

The law of this country protects our freedom of religion the same as it protects the Christians’ freedom of religion.

There is nothing on the law books to say freedom of religion in this country is freedom for IWDM-LectureChristianity.

It’s freedom for religion.

And whether you have the courage to take advantage of your rights or not, you have the same freedom to be a Muslim in this country, as Christians have to be Christians in this country.

And I, for one, tell them.

And they know that I am determined not to back up.

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