Religion Must Be Free For G’d

knowledgeofcreationfp Allah(SWT) says to Muhammad(PBUH).. (Muhammad) he did not like to fight.  He was a peaceful man.  He took abuses just as the story goes of Jesus Christ.  He took terrible abuses before he had any spirit to fight.  In fact, he never had on his own the spirit to go to physical war.  G-d had to tell him to do that.  G-d said, “Now return the attack.  Attack those who have been attacking you. Fight them back.”  G-d had to tell him to do that.

And listen to these words very carefully.  Please.  I’ve said them to you many times before.  G-d says, “Fight until no more persecution and religion is free for G-d.”  What is that saying to us?  When our enemy stops doing us wrong, we should stop fighting them.  That is what it says in the first instance.  But what it says in the  second instance is more important than even that.

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The Qur’an is a book of guidance and Allah’s mercy to us or to all the worlds

Greed As-Salaam Alaikum.

Blessed Ramadan and a Blessed Eid, if I don’t see you before then.

We thank you for responding to the invitation and we wanted you to know that it wasn’t really a request. Because a request to me is stronger than an invitation. It wasn’t a request. It was just an invitation.

Really I wish everybody could be here that has an interest but I knew that some of you would have to do other things that are very important and some of you might not have the financial means at the time to come.

So that’s why we wanted to give it as a invitation. Almost an informal invitation, so that there would be no unreasonable burden on any of you, or any of us.

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Eid Al Adhaa

imamwdm6 fp

With G-d’s name we begin, the praise and the thanks is for G-d, we thank Him for the gift and blessing of the model human person Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the honorable and noble servant and Messenger of G-d and what follows of that salute or that traditional salutation to the last Prophet (pbuh), the seal of the Prophets mentioned in the Bible as it is given in the Quran.

Let me explain this occasion before we perform the rituals. This is Eid Al Adhaa, Eid means re-occurring happiness, something that comes over and over at the same time, it is appearing or coming in at the same time yearly.


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