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…For us as African Americans, not just as Muslims, we have paid a big price to be where we are today in this country.

We have paid with blood, life, time, energy, unpaid labor, with our hearts and suffering souls. We have paid a big, big price.

Now G-d has rewarded us through good people of different colors.

He has given us the benefit of a beautiful political order and Constitution that was designed for the best of people on this earth.

He has brought us to be recognized as qualified to enjoy this with the best of people on this earth.
When White Americans who have been watching us – the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and his son, W. Deen Mohammed, and also Minister Louis Farrakhan, they are thinking that we are the people now in partnership with them, and no matter what happens to this country, we are going to stand by it and make it better – but not leave it.

That is what others have done.

This country was not always beautiful.

But the idea, the promise was beautiful, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called it – the promise was beautiful.

Now that the country is beautiful and you are awaken in your human excellence and you have impressed people in power – the President of the United States. I was invited to the White House not because of who I voted for but because of what I represent. We are living in a time when we have risen in great heights and the most powerful people in the United States of America are looking at us as partners.


…Allah, Most High, says in this Qur’an, the holy and sacred book: “Do not let the hatred of a people to you cause you to do wrong and swerve from justice.

Be just (at any costs), for it is the closest to taqwa – the consciousness that G-d wants in the believer.” We sometimes call it piety, that justice is next to piety.

It also suggests that justice is the strongest position you can take.

It is the closest to righteousness, to piety, and is the position that requires great strength.

G-d says be just, though it be against a near relative or a person big or small.

Sometimes you can’t help it and have to defend the person who pays your bills or who gave you a job.

You feel you owe him something. So you don’t want to go into court against him.

But a Muslim can’t do that.

The Qur’an says there is only one right. When you leave right, then you are wrong.

Some will say in regards to this case that G-d says if you are starving that you can eat pork in moderation until you can get something suitable to eat.

But is their (terrorist)  behavior in moderation?

Let us say that this is a desperate time for those who can’t get justice.

Is the behavior that we have seen in New York, in Washington, D.C., in Pennsylvania, that of someone doing only enough to survive and in moderation?


Then, there is no justification ever for killing or mistreating innocent persons.


If we were to ask the peaceful Muslim or the one who has resorted to terrorism, no matter how extreme we were, “Would Prophet Muhammad kill women, children, men, elder people, just to get at the enemy?”

The worst of us would say, “No!”

So we are not allowed to do it. We can’t do what the Prophet wouldn’t allow himself to do.

…..Imam W. Deen Mohammed on Friday Sept. 14, 2001, at the Harvey Islamic Center in Harvey, IL.

G-D is Real: Allah is Regressing their Nature

G’d is real.

You can’t help it.

They can’t help it.

You aren’t going to change nothing.

AllCandidatesWhat I’m telling you is going to happen, whether you like me, or reject me, or follow me, it’s going to happen. Allah is already regressing their nature; just like they put us in circumstances to regress our nature that means to send it back, to make it weaker, and weaker, and dumber, and dumber; Allah is causing their nature to become weaker and dumber, weaker and dumber. They hardly have a fit person to offer for the presidency when these four years are up. – Imam W. Deen Mohammed (2003)

Imam Warith Deen Mohammed: A Closer Look at His Legacy and Approach

IWDM-Legacy-banner‘’Although much of what Imam Mohammed described as goals and objectives has yet to be accomplished, he left a community of people with a new mind, spirit, soul, and profound knowledge that, when put together and harnessed will lead to another profound chapter in the history of this community in America. The legacy of Imam Mohammed is not finished; its first phase is being completed with the preservation of his knowledge body. Its next phase is just beginning.”

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