Celebrate the Better in America

IMG_4361-IWDM “We celebrate, a change for the better in America.  We recognize that we are living in a better situation today, than we were living in thirty years ago.  We’re not going to close our eyes to that reality.  We celebrate change for the better, but we realize there’s still work to do.  Not on them.  That’s the mistake that most of our leaders make.”

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Terrorists are not Muslims



I am not afraid to speak. We have to speak. What will come out of this? This is an Imam Mohammed-freeforgdawakening for the great powers that be. It is an awakening for our beautiful and great country. It is an awakening to help us come back to our better selves. This is the time coming when we can lose a lot of our good qualities as American people. But this great tragedy where lives of the innocent are sacrificed should not be in vain.


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Religion Must Be Free For G’d

knowledgeofcreationfp Allah(SWT) says to Muhammad(PBUH).. (Muhammad) he did not like to fight.  He was a peaceful man.  He took abuses just as the story goes of Jesus Christ.  He took terrible abuses before he had any spirit to fight.  In fact, he never had on his own the spirit to go to physical war.  G-d had to tell him to do that.  G-d said, “Now return the attack.  Attack those who have been attacking you. Fight them back.”  G-d had to tell him to do that.

And listen to these words very carefully.  Please.  I’ve said them to you many times before.  G-d says, “Fight until no more persecution and religion is free for G-d.”  What is that saying to us?  When our enemy stops doing us wrong, we should stop fighting them.  That is what it says in the first instance.  But what it says in the  second instance is more important than even that.

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