The Philosophy of Imam W. Deen Mohammed(video)

MyImamImam Mohammed’s vision for establishing the growth of Muslim community life in America parallels the example of how Prophet Muhammed established and cultivated the growth of Muslim community life in Medina – The City of Light.

After the Muslim migration from Mecca because of the horrific persecution of Muslims there, Prophet Muhammed’s successful efforts there, became an obligation of all Muslims to establish community life. This is the direction of the school of thought of Imam W. Deen Mohammed in America.

Paraphrasing Imam Mohammed: We cannot be satisfied in our soul as community man, until we establish community life in America.

We cannot fulfill our religious life in America, until we have a piece of geography, a physical piece of geography in the United States of America.

Muslims in America must have that physical piece of land and our own Mosques and schools, and hospitals, clinics, businesses, banks.  The neighborhood must be managed by Muslims.  We must call the time for Adthan on our own jobs.  We must regulate the industry to accommodate our spiritual life.  No one else can do it for us as Muslims.

At the 1997 Islamic Convention Jumu’ah, Imam Mohammed laid out the irrefutable strategy for Muslim community life in America.

If we honestly examine the activities of other Muslim groups in America, we’d have to come to the conclusion that they took Imam Mohammed’s advice and are implementing his strategy, especially since September 11, 2001.

So must we.

Here are excerpts from that historic Jumu’ah Khutbah from the 1997 Islamic Convention.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

21 comments to The Philosophy of Imam W. Deen Mohammed(video)

  • Khalid Morocco

    With Allah's Name The Merciful Benefactor, The Most Merciful Redeemer

    As Salaamu Alaikum

    May Allah continue to bless and reward you for such wonderful work.

    Thank you, for keeping the spirit, language and goals of our Honorable Imam W.D.Mohammed in clear view.

    Imam W.D.Mohammed was consistant and clear about our establishing Community Life.

    In Service and Honor,
    Your Brother,


    • m.musa

      As Salamualikum,
      It is important enough to understand the wisdom in the Honorable Imam's teachings. Muslim Community Life is certainly our primary objective. However, the first goal that we as American Muslims (who identify with his tewachings) must acheive right now is unity. Unity in the sense that we all know what we want in order to have a symbol of a model community, ie: a beautiful mosque, school and businesses. But before those things can materialize in our particular location, we must bridge the divides that separate us. We must not look at our different settings and locations as us and them, or Atlanta and New Jersey, and so on. There are ways in which the entire national Muslim community can acheive their goals in a relatively short time span. Here is a hint: The Obama Campaign for Change raised over sixty million over the internet. Do we have the numbers brothers, sisters? Yes we do….But the Unity……..????

      As Salamualaikum,


      • Khalid Morocco

        With Allah's Name The Merciful Benefactor, The Most Merciful Redeemer

        Wa Alaikum As Salaam

        Our Unity is Established on the strong foundation of the Shaddahtain,
        Five Principles and our individual and group commitment
        to The Vision of Imam W.D. Mohammed for Community Life.
        This conversation was prompted by the teachings of Imam W.D. Mohammed
        in His lecture where He articulates His Vision, The Healing for Our Soul
        and The Destiny for Muslim American Community Life.
        Trust in His Leadership and working with believers of like minds that we trust
        will bless us to accomplish The Goal in this Shared Freedom Space.

        In Service to Allah and in Honor of Imam W.D.Mohammed
        your brother,


        • Musa

          As Salamu-Alaikum,
          Thank you brother Khalid. Your words are very inspirational. Your sentiments are shared, and likewise, as mines and many other believers in this deen who identify with the Honorable Imam's teachings. Yes our unity is established upon our deen and our commitment to follow through on building Muslim Community Life for our different locations. However in order for us to acheive national unity, it may take only a few wise believers (just a hand full) to connect the dots for our national unity.
          Remember the hadith concerning the unity of the Muslim, it being compared to a cemented structure? The mortar of our unity certainly has to be those things we all have in common. Lets get surveys and start from there. And yes I have some ideals that I would like to propose too.
          Ma Salama,

          M. Musa

          • Khalid Morocco

            WIth Allah's Name The Merciful Benefactor, The Most Merciful Redeemer

            Wa Alaikum As Salaam M.Musa

            In The Spirit and With The Wisdom of Imam W.D.Mohammed…Yes We Can!

            So, my brother, you make the appeal for the few and lead the way to identify and connect the dots. I too, support The Spirit of Our Group Soul.

            I'll look to hear from you and the few soon.

            In Service & Honor
            your brother,

  • nashid

    Wa Alaikum As Salaam Khalid:

    Thank you, for keeping the spirit, language and goals of our Honorable Imam W.D.Mohammed in clear view.

    As you can imagine, the pleasure is mine.
    Thank you my brother.


  • Aaron Mohammed

    Write your comment here…it is important to understand that Imam w. deen mohammed taught on every issue regarding man and and his father's leadership. The imam has given us all the tools we need to
    continue to progress as a community. any controversies and disagreements that arise amongst thecommunity we have the formula or the remedy to solev the problem if we just simply adhere to his teachings. The imam spent over thiry years teaching on the these things, we shouldn't be going over these things. We should be moving on.


      I Pray that G'D forever bless( Mujedid) Iman W.D Mohammed in the grave.

      , grant him many of G'D blessing and more …..I don't no if i'm going to paradise or not, but if i am going to the hereafter, i would ask ALLAH, to give( my) paradise to Iman W.D.Mohammed…. he was the greatest that ever don't it…….
      ..The world will never see another like Imam W D MOHAMMED FOR ANOTHER ONE HUNDRED YEARS. He will be forever missed your Brother hakim ansari

  • Delacie Ummah

    This is an excellent reminder as to where we are to go and should be going. Thanks for keeping the picture and the language of Imam Mohammed alive and vibrant. May Allah give our Imam one of the highest places in the Paradise Brother Ummah

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  • johncobb

    Imam W Deen Muhammad is a champion leader in the black community.His honesty is what is needed in the black community.

  • imam mohammed abdul samad

    with Allah G-d name the merciful benefactor,the merciful redeemer
    as salaamu aliakum.
    Muslims here in America Allah has blessed us with salvation.
    Muslims all over the earth are awaiting for the muslim african americans to produce the excellent example of prophet Mohammed (saw)as taught by our alim Dr.Imam Warithul Deen Mohammed may Allah bless his soul.He was like our prophet(pbuh) a leader for all people who live on this earth.

    inshallah i would love to come visit any nation,city on earth and explain true Al-Islam.
    mohammed a samad
    469 853 3189

  • akil abdullah

    Praise be to Allah for imam Mohammed

  • Akil Abdullah

    All Praises due to Allah for Imam WD Mohammed. Allah (SWA)has bestowed His Blessings and Grace upon us, the African American Muslim community with the greatest leader since our prophet, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Imay not live to see us establish Al-Islam as our great leader Imam Mohammed has invisioned for us, but I have no doubt that it will happen, because what is happening here in America is the will of Allah (highly glorified is He). And when Allah wills something, then it is just a matter of time. I thank Allah Most High for living in a time to witness this marvelous work of establishing Al-Islam in American among our people, the African American people under the leadership of our great leader, teacher, and guide, Imam WD Mohammed, may Allah forgive him his sins and admit him into Paradise. Peace and Blessing to all of people of faith, who are fighting for Human Salvation for this world. Ameen.

  • Raqib Basir

    All praise is do to ALLAH LORD OF THE WORLDS AND EVERYTHING BETWEEN. My ALLAH BLESS Imam Warith deen Mohammed and the Muslims who followed his teaching help build family life and community life for a new America a new Africa as the Imam says.


    PS… we need More Men, Imams
    Like him. Asa.

  • Akil Abdullah

    With the name of Allah, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer.
    We can never thank Allah enough for the guidance of Imam W. Deen Mohammed who we all know is the Leader for the whole world.
    we as African American Muslims have been giving the keys for the success of the whole Muslim World. And so we are obligated to share this great knowledge with all of our brothers and sisters; Christians, Muslims and Jews. The best way to do so is to establish a model Muslim Community of believers, so the world will see what a real G-d conscious community looks like. The early followers of Muhammad (SAW, never shoved Islam down the throat of the people where they lived. The people were attracted to Islam because of the community life that they seen established by the followers of Mohammed the Prophet. And this is what we should do. May Allah Most High give us the strength to establish Islam in America as a community, a Model Community for all to see the great work done by our leader and teacher that Allah has blessed us with;Imam W. Deen Mohammad, the Leader for the Human Salvation of the world. Praise be to Allah Most High, the Imam Mohammed. Ameen.


  • Bilal Muhammed

    The language of Imam Mohammed is very important to keep it out in order for the public to continue to get the benefit, thus we thank Allah for everyone who has taken up this effort be it online, in book form, in classes, in the muslim journal, let us keep the language and logic of Imam Mohammed alive and well within our hearts and minds, along with constantly sharing this with like-minds.
    We obviously cannot thank Allah enough, thank you, everyone who has taken an interest in this effort to continue to save ourselves, and our family from the fire (Quran).

  • R.Abdul Hasan

    Dear beloved AS Salaam Alaikum I was a former Member of the Lost found nation of Islam (1973) I am a student of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (P.B.U.H) And I was privileged to be at the convention that year 1997 in white plains New York. I am presently writing a book on the legacy of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. So what you have presented here is memorable. And it is what we must tell the world of the Qur’an. Presently I am studying the Qur’an intensely, I have memorized 14 of the short Surah’s and I am striving to recite and study 50-to it’s completion. Imam Mohammed is was the example of that model human for me that guided me to the Prophet Mohammed. Thank you

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