Civilization: The Freeing of The Intellect

ImamMohammedCivilization for us  must be seen in the ‘Growth of the Human Intellect’.  The freeing of the human intellect to live in the biggest boundaries possible for it.

This is the growth of civilization.  When the human mind comes out of the narrow circumstances that it is in, and begins to look for wider horizons.  Wider horizons, bigger horizons, bigger boundaries to live in and to grow in.  That’s the liberation of the Human mind.  That’s how the Human mind is liberated.  That’s how the Human mind comes to understand universal logic, universal systems, and universal principles, etc.

Islam wants us to have it, and Islam conditions us to come out of the narrow boundaries of thought, into the broader and broader boundaries of thought.  That’s what Allah means when he says, ‘And the Garden that He’s prepared for them, its width is as the width of the heavens and the earth.  Gardens to explore. Gardens to cultivate.  Gardens for the intellect.  For our rational curiosity etc.

This is the way we should look at civilization.

Civilization was revived.  And when you talk about the renaissance, we’re talking about really the revival of civilization aren’t we?  We are not looking at civilization as the growth of industry.  The growth of industry does not  necessarily mean the growth of civilization.  Or the growth of dominant conquest, conquerors.  They conquer. They’re growing. They’re conquering more territory.  They bring more people under their rule etc.

But that is not necessarily the growth of civilization.  What really shows us the growth of civilization, is progress for the mind.  Progress for the human intellect, education.  Correct education.  So that’s where civilization is to be seen.  In the progress that man makes for his mind, for his intellect.

And that progress is to be understood as, the freeing of the intellect to reach bigger and bigger boundaries, or to extend over more distant horizons until it becomes universal.  Universal in its vision, universal in its perception, and universal in its principles, logic, etc.

  • Imam W. Deen Mohammed –  Publishers’ Conf. Hattiesburg, Miss 05-25-1997

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