Remove What is Blocking Your Mind

Circumcision of The Mind

by Imam W. Deen Mohammed

Dear beloved people.

I’m happy that Allah has blessed us to gather here today and I’m happy to see many of you of the world community of Al Islam present here in Cleveland and the surrounding area.

Today I believe we are addressing our community throughout the United States. We are on the national hookup, and I pray to G’d that He bless us with guidance, patience, and understanding.

We’ll just ease up on this subject today. It is one that I think we have to ease up on. This subject is going to take us back to ancient Egypt. And to the Genesis. The report in Bible Genesis about the beginning of the world or the generation of the world.

But before going on this eye opening trail, I’d like to say a word to those members of the world community of Al Islam in the West on the teachings of Fard Mohammed. We used to call master Fard Mohammed before we understood and knew how to pronounce the name correctly, concerning a similar problem in fact the same problem if we understand the connection.

He used the terms gravity and fire and I thought that it would be a good start for me to make some comments on his symbolic language to explain the term’s gravity and fire.

In explaining the term fire as used by Professor Fard Mohammed the teacher of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I will refer you to Greek mythology and the other mythologies. If you’re not familiar with these mythologies it doesn’t matter because I’m going to give you the definition of fire in the mythologies. We are told that a certain Greek figure in mythology stole the heavenly fire. Stole the heavenly fire.

Today we still have fire as a symbol of learning. Symbol of learning, in the institute, institution pardon me, of education, colleges and universities. They are familiar with the symbol fire. I believe even now they still use the magic lamp or lantern with fire coming up as a symbol of higher learning, higher knowledge. So this fire that we’re talking about is higher knowledge on the subject of life. Life, human life.

Human life has always made man curious and has mystified the ignorant people. So man’s struggle has been for understanding. He has struggled to understand his life. Man wants to understand his life. And this struggle was made fruitful by the concept of G-d that we have, that is, in Christianity, Judaism, and Al-Islam. Or Judaism, Christianity and Al-Islam.

The concept of G-d as Creator and as the infinite Being who is not creation, and is not limited or contained in creation, but who has a reach that extends everywhere. He can reach us here, He can reach us in our souls, and He can reach us beyond the sun, moon, and stars, because His reach, as Scripture tells us, extends beyond everything.

Professor Fard Muhammad said that the world would be finished finally by a great act of a scientist, or a great powerful, wise genius. And this scientist or genius would cause a shortage in the gravity. What gravity? Well, he didn’t explain. He left us his symbolic teachings and he left us with the burden of finding the answers for ourselves. But he said that the shortage of gravity would produce fire and set the whole atmosphere afire. He didn’t say that the fire would start in material things or objects like the homes, factories, clothes, or the industries, he said the fire would start in the atmosphere by causing a shortage in gravity.

Is this a good incident? Is this a blessing in Fard Muhammad’s teachings? Is this something that we hope to see? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us that he said, “Hope to be far away from that fire.” Don’t hope to be near that fire. He said hope to be far away from that fire.

So here we are talking about a fire that is not good for the human being, and it’s created by bringing a shortage in gravity. I understand a shortage in the electric current. I understand what that shortage means. That’s easy to understand. It means touching the wires where they were not intended to be touched. Right? If you touch the wires where they weren’t intended to be touched, then you get a shortage. Now, so since Professor Farad was an actual fact man, as well as a witch doctor, I think we can come up with the right answer by saying the shortage in gravity is the same thing.

A shortage in gravity is brought about in the same way. Things touch where they are not supposed to be touched. Where they were not intended to be touched.

We find the world is gravitating toward the things that were forbidden. Our minds, our souls, our nature are gravitating towards things that were forbidden to us.

Christian society, Muslim society, Jewish society, Communist world, all of the world for the last decade or more has experienced a fragmenting, a straying away from discipline.

Yes even in communist, even in the communist world, a straying away from the discipline, giving themselves to things, touching things that they were told not to touch.

Here in this country, we’ve been giving our mind, our soul, our whole life to permissiveness, to dissipation of our religious life, our mind, just spending it like it’s two cents. You know? We go out and give our human forces to fun, corruption, just like it’s worth two cents.

Today, the homes are broken. The children need their parents. The parents need the children. Husbands and wives need each other. The family has been hurt terribly by this individualism. Everybody is going his way, doing his own thing. Putting down the old disciplines.

But we have more talk of love than ever before. Every song almost, has love-making in it. Yes. That’s gravity, that’s all it is. Gravity. No light, no insight, just nothing but gravity. Gravitating toward the wrong place in this electro-magnetic field that G-d has set. And if you don’t know what you are doing, you are going to cause a shortage and soon you will have your world on fire. And that is what we have been doing, we have been setting our world afire, burning up the good human life.

So I thought that would be a good start. Because Fard Muhammad was a modern man, he’s a modern witch doctor.

Now, I’d like to refer you to ancient Egyptian religion as it is called. Some people might think that their religion was only a mythology, but they did have a religion. Their religion was shrouded in secrecy and symbolism just like ours is today, but they had a religion.

I am not off of the subject. I’m on the subject. I’m trying to circumcise some people that didn’t get the circumcision yet.

When we study the history of the ancient Egyptian people we find that those people excelled many, many ways. They were not only a great material power in their heyday which lasted for thousands of years, but they were also very wise in the knowledge of the human mind, the human spiritual nature.

In fact, if you do some research, you will find out as we have, that they are the ones who gave the modern world psychology. Psychology came from ancient Egypt to the western world through the Greeks and others.

Even today, in their symbolic religion or symbolic wisdom, we find most advanced concepts of the human nature, human soul, human intellect, human passion. They were well informed or well learned on the subject of psychology, the mind, the nature of the mind, the nature of the soul and the spirit.

Also we find that they practiced circumcision before the Jews did, and the Jews were the ones who passed that practice to the Western world or as we know it, the Christian world.

We are trying to gradually bring before your mind’s eye, a trick that is worked on the people and has been working for thousands of years. Thousands of years.

An impediment that blocks the intelligent expression. Prevents the free or liberal awakening of the human intellect, for I am sure, 80 percent or more among the general public. So in this audience, I believe it might be as high as 95 percent, maybe 99 and 9/10th as I think I heard somebody say once.

It’s no simple trick. It’s a very subtle trick. A trick that hides itself through the strategy of publishing itself.

See this is the nature of the satan, the chief of the devils. He escapes notice by putting himself right in your eyes. We don’t suspect things that are open, manifest, plain. We suspect things that are partly hidden, partly covered. The things that are boldly put before us we ignore them. You can tell somebody the secret to the atomic bomb, the secret of how to make the atomic bomb and you can tell it as a joke and laugh while you are talking and practically everybody will miss the secret because that’s human nature to pass over things that are not presented seriously or the things that are just boldly and carefree like presented.


This is the great trick of satan, and it is also his downfall. It is also his downfall because chances are against him, you see? It’ll work for so long but eventually someone is going to get tired of playing. Someone is going to get fed up with jokes. Someone is going to start taking everything serious. And when you get enough of those people inheriting each other, it won’t take long before they catch up with satan. So satan is still making jokes. He is still boldly and shamelessly flirting himself in front of our eyes. But he don’t know, he’s caught now.

Let’s go now to Genesis and see if Genesis can help bring us closer to what we are trying to show you today. In the very beginning of Genesis, we are told that a serpent speaks to the woman and suggests to the woman, disobey G-d and follow him.

The serpent said, “G-d didn’t mean, that you would surely die, but that your eyes would come open”. And the woman desiring what satan or the serpent offered her, was offering her, took, accepted that is, his suggestion, and also said the suggestion to her husband or to her mate. And that, according to the Genesis, is the beginning of the downfall of the human family or the human race.

What do we have in this suggestion? We have the idea of eternal life and we have the idea of passion, appetite, passion, fleshly appetite. That the human being is weak for the material things, for the things that give pleasure and satisfaction to the flesh or the physical body form.

We have also as I have said, the idea of eternal life because the serpent said, “you will not surely die, your eyes will come open and you will become as G-d, living forever.” Is that right?

So the serpent offered the woman, the human being eternal life and with this offer, the eyes, the opening of the eyes. Your eyes would open. Your eyes would open. And you’ll become as the gods. Having eternal life.

G-d had said according to Genesis that in the day that you eat of that, you will die. There is no record in Genesis of Adam’s death or burial. There is no record or word in Genesis of Eve’s death and burial. Is that right? So it seems that G-d lied. Is that right?

Because the woman and the man they did the forbidden thing and there is nothing that says they died because of that. No, they went on living, living and lived and lived and lived, hundreds of years according to the scriptures. Is that right. Went on living for hundreds of years.

And if you understand the scriptures, Adam never died, Eve never died. Adam is still living and Eve is still living if you understand the scripture.

But they are living the life that satan cut out for them. The life that G-d cut out for them, they lost when they followed the suggestion of the satan.

“Well Mister, did you call us here to give us a religious sermon?” No, I called you here for a circumcision!

Now, let us go from the serpent to something else that I think will help us and that is word from the Qur’an.

Abraham asked pharaoh a question. Well he indirectly asked him a question. He said, “G-d comes with the sun from the East and here you’re bringing it from the West.” And the word of G-d in the Qur’an says, “And the rejecters of faith were baffled.” They were confused, they didn’t understand the saying of Abraham. It seems, from the reading, that they didn’t understand the saying of Abraham.

But when you know what the verse is talking about, then you see that they understood what Abraham was saying, but they were shocked that Abraham had the information. “How did he get this information on us? We thought we had our religion locked up. Now who gave Abraham the secret of our riddle?” Yea.

Exactly what was Abraham saying?

Let us again go to the Qur’an. The Qur’an tells us, Allah(SAW) tells us that there were a mighty people, led by a mighty man, and the place of these people where they did their work, says the Qur’an, is where the sun went down into the water. Dark place. Dark place. Where the sun went down into the water.

Umm, yes. A few more references from scripture and I think that we are going to bring some light home for those who give some thought to scripture, and the rest of you it is very easy. I could have told you in two seconds.

Muslims are told (Holy Qur’an 2:238) “Guard the middle Prayer, Guard the middle Prayer”. Why have I mentioned this? Because it has something to do with the sun. The midday, the sun is in the zenith, the arc in the zenith, and our prayers, the noon prayers come in that arc that is in the highest zenith. And our second midday prayer, the Asr prayer comes in the second part close to that arc going toward the West. So it is the two small arcs going from zenith, from noon to West. Those are the most precious times for the Muslims. Our Salaatul Jumu’ah prayer comes in that time.

Now let us go to the Bible again. Says Jericho was defeated by what? Who knows? What tore down the walls of Jericho? Humm? Horns! How many blasts? Three? Seven! Only took three. Only took three. Only took three blasts to blow down the walls of Jericho. Seven finishes up everything.

Yes. So the walls of Jericho was broken down by the sound of a horn, and Joshua, the leader of the army so the scripture says caused the sun to stand still. He caused the sun to stand still. The sun we said earlier is a symbol representing higher knowledge of human life. If Joshua made the sun stand still that tells us that he was able to keep that knowledge from going down on his people. That right? He was able to keep that knowledge from going down on his people!

And Muslims are told to watch the prayers of the midday for the same purpose. Don’t let the sun of enlightenment, the sun of enlightenment, go down on your society. Pray to G-d to keep the sun of enlightenment high in the world. Keep it at its peak. When you gain intellectual strength and superiority in the earth, pray to G-d and guard over that with more giving of yourself, with more sacrifice, with more devotion, with greater commitment than that you would give to protect your worldly or earthly treasures. Because the knowledge can bring back the material wealth, but the material wealth cannot bring back the knowledge.

The sun represents the rising of knowledge. What kind of knowledge? The knowledge of human life. The knowledge of our material human existence.

There is another knowledge and that knowledge is the interpretation of religion. The interpretation of scripture. Divine understanding. Seeing Divine light.

The Moon is a symbol of that knowledge. The Moon is a symbol of the understanding of revealed knowledge.

The common knowledge the sun is the symbol. And don’t we say the sun is the symbol of freedom. It shines on the poor just as much as it shines on the rich. It shines even on the wicked as well as it shines on the righteous.

That’s the knowledge that is available to everybody. The knowledge of mathematics, social science, chemistry, all of these subjects that help make a good life for human beings, this is the knowledge of the sun that should be free for everybody.

And a Muslim is obligated to keep that knowledge lifted. To keep it at its most excellent development for the good of human life on this earth.

But we also have to have guidance to enable us to move and to work and to progress when this common knowledge runs out.

And there are some human questions that only Allah(SAW) can give us light on. All the human efforts seems to be lost to give us satisfaction, but faith in G-d gives us the satisfaction, and if Allah(SAW) says, “This is the answer.” The faithful says, “Yes Lord. We hear, we obey.”

That revealed knowledge is like the Moon and it has come to the people in the form of prophecies, visions, et cetera. Lastly it comes as the sunlight itself.

Here is that that use to be moon light. It becomes so bright that the Moon is not even needed anymore, which means that those questions that our minds couldn’t understand regarding the soul, the spirit and the promised life, the hereafter, all of these things that mystify the human being would one day be answered so clearly that we wouldn’t need faith.

It would be so plain as the Book says, “Every eye shall see Him. Every eye shall behold Him.” Is that what the book says? Shall behold Him? G-d Himself? The actual being of G- d? No, because the scripture says that no human vision can catch Him. And the scripture says again, that was the Qur’anic scripture. Bible scripture says, no man has seen G-d and lived. And again it says no man can see G-d. And again it says that every eye shall see Him. Yes. Every eye shall see Him. But you have to circumcise, have to have circumcision first. You can’t see him unless you are circumcised.

Again, let us go to the Qur’an. Moses saw a fire burning in a bush and he told his people, “Wait here for me. I am going to approach that bush to see if maybe I can bring some burning kindling back or get some understanding there.”

So Moses went to the burning bush and a voice came out of the bush saying, “You are on holy ground. Take off your shoes.” Take off your shoes.

It’s a good scriptural sign. It was a bad social sign for this civilization, but it was a scriptural sign when the hippies and the yippies and the gypsies started taking off their shoes and walking barefoot in our beautiful cities. That was a very good sign. And Jim Jones and his organization’s sacrificed, it is a very bad sign. It’s a sign that the Jahcubite wants to kill the coming of Christ before he’s completely seen. So they make their false Christ and kill him as a sacrifice to kill the real Christ in the minds of the people. Now ah. AllahuAkbar.

So Moses or Musa as he is called in the Arabic language, says he spoke to G-d, face to face, mouth to mouth as a man speaks with his friend.

You might say, “Well, Moses saw G-d then if he spoke to Him face to face.” Well let me explain to you what face to face means. Face to face means not back to back, or back to face. That’s all that it means. That he didn’t speak with his back turned to G-d or his back or his head turned away from G-d’s calling.

He spoke face to face and he wasn’t feeling any hatred for the calling. He was in agreement with the calling. He liked what G-d wanted him to do. He was friendly. Now I think we’ve started the first cut on the… Now look, Moses had our problem. He wanted to see G-d actually. Not for his own sake, but he wanted to see Him for his people’s sake because his people were a rebellious, skeptical.. they were skeptics. Full of argument and had little sense. Like some of us.

So Moses for their sake, he wanted to see G-d. And G-d said, “If this mountain be removed, then you shall see Me.” So G-d communicated with Moses high wisdom and Moses fainted on the Mountain. He swooned. It was too much for him. He couldn’t see G-d and live. He passed out. He was dead to reality for awhile. He swooned. He fell out and when he woke back up the mountain was just as it was before.

So what does that tell you? He did not see G-d. Except as G-d wanted him to see Him. He did not see G-d except in terms, in symbolism, in signs, in hints that cannot be put into this language we call common knowledge. And if G-d is not creation, then how can we put Him in the frame of created concepts. No. You can’t put him in the frame of created concept if He’s not creation. He was before creation. Before Him there was nothing, and after Him there is nothing. This is the word of G-d.

Well let’s see can we be circumcised.

Let’s now go to another term or symbol for some understanding.

The Bible says of the corruptors of G-d’s religion, says, “You are clouds in my feast, You are clouds in my feast ” This is G-d according to the Bible, saying this of a people who are not obeying Him, who are misrepresenting Him in the religion. He said, “You are clouds in my feast.” Alright. What are the clouds?

Again, let us shoot back to ancient Egypt just for a second. In ancient Egyptian religion, the sun is also called an eye. An eye. And the Moon is an eye. And both of them together makes the two eyes of the human being or symbolic of the two eyes of the human being.

And Allah(SAW) says in the Qur’an, “Did not we give you two eyes, a tongue, one tongue and two lips, but have you made any haste to travel the highway that is steep?” So there are two highways right? One highway is steep. And the other one is easy to walk.

The steep highway you have to pull up that highway, pull up that highway. But once you get up to the top, you feel like a conqueror. “I have conquered the mountain side.” You look down and it feel like the valley and all around belong to you. You walk up a mountain and you get on top, you feel like everything out there is yours because you have made it up.

Dr. King says, “I’ve been to the mountain top.” He meant that he had a vision of the end of jim-crowism, segregation and racism in this country. And I agreed with him. His vision was right. It’s only a dead dog now, dead dog still bother you until you bury him. I want you all to help me bury him.

Says, “You are clouds in my feast.” When the clouds form, they work like eyelids, shutting against the sun. And if the Moon is out, they work like eyelid shutting against the light of the Moon. He says “You are clouds in my feast.”

What does the scripture say of the clouds and the Son of Man? It says that the Son of man shall come in his glory, riding upon the clouds of the heaven. And another scripture says, “He shall come in the clouds of the heavens.”

Now you might not understand my method that G-d has blessed me with, but we are making progress.

Let us go to the New Testament now and look at the John the Baptist and Jesus. Still talking about circumcision, because that’s the big problem. And circumcision comes after seven. It ain’t right to circumcise until seven is gone. So if I am circumcising, that means that seven is gone, or I am making a mistake because you circumcise on the eighth day is that right, and not on the seventh. You have to wait until the eighth day to circumcise. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad he saw the seven go out. I am on the eighth. After practicing a ritual for 6,000 years, I think it is time to understand what it means don’t you?

John the Baptist was seen at the river or in a lake. Some people say a river, but who knows, it could have been a lake. He was seen baptizing people in the water and Jesus came up to him and John the Baptist baptized Jesus because Jesus wanted to be baptized. John the Baptist thought that he was beneath Jesus. And that he shouldn’t baptize Jesus. He felt embarrassed, that one so great above him should ask him to baptize him. But Jesus, in a word, It has to be. Must be baptized, he had to be baptized too. So he was baptized by John.

John was killed according to the scripture by a magic.., party of magic display called the dance of Salome. And she worked seven veils to kill John the Baptist. When she worked the seventh veil, that was it. They came and they took his head. Is that right? He was ready for the slaughter.

That’s the wrong circumcision. They did it on seven, it should come at eight.

Let us look at Jesus the Christ and John the Baptist and put them in their proper connection, proper place in the scripture.

The Bible says, “That as it was in the day of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.” Now we are always interpreting scripture. Those people in that day, they were interpreting and we have been interpreting until now. A preacher right now, somewhere on this earth, his is trying to interpret that. Right now.

…..G-d also says, He would never destroy the whole world again, with a flood. Is that right? Yes. Jesus didn’t come with a flood, according to the scripture. John says the one who comes after me will baptize you in fire. In fire. The one who comes after me will baptize you in fire. But Jesus himself accepted to be baptized in the water of John the Baptist. Is that right?

Now let us go to the Qur’an again. John the Baptist before he was born, a sign was given, and I believe the sign that was given was that no word was to be spoken, except in signs. No plain language was to be given. Only signs. Ilaa raamza which means except with a symbol. Symbolic, allegorical, parable, symbolic parable, but not hitting directly to the meaning. Using sign..d that was the sign of his birth. Right?

So what does John the Baptist represent? Clouds. Clouds. Why Jesus had to come? Because G-d doesn’t want clouds, He wants sunshine, and moonlight. He wants our common life to be lit up with understanding, and He wants our spiritual questions to be answered. But Jesus couldn’t come except out of the clouds. So he had to come out of the water of John the Baptist, which represents clouds. But clouds that John the Baptist had condensed. For John the Baptist, they were no more blocking the light. He had condensed some of those clouds and had water, and that water was holy water!

Because he had extracted it from the clouds of mystery, the clouds of symbols that darkened the sky and keep the light of truth from coming to us. John the Baptist, he got some of the essence of it, and they called his group the Essences. He was blessed with some of the essence of those symbols.

He didn’t have enough knowledge to do the job, but he knew the time was out for those that were doing the job! He said repent! The time is at hand. Is that right? Ahh yes. You’re going to get your first circumcision today, insha’Allah, that is G-d willing.

The sign that Jesus was the one was the dove that came down and lighted on his shoulder. And it says in the scripture, and the world shall be upon his shoulder. Now if you want to understand what kind of world it is, go back to the symbol the dove.

The dove is a loving animal. He’s like the love bird. He’s full of love. And this dove was a white dove. Purity and love shall be on Christ’s shoulder. Purity and love shall be on Christ’s shoulder to establish that in the world. But he shall baptize the world with fire. What is the good meaning now? We know according to the principles of interpretation used by Jews, Christians and Muslims, that every verse has an explicit and implicit application. Not only the verses of revelation, but Prophet Muhammad the peace and blessings be upon him, said even his Hadith, even his own sayings, had and understood meaning and a hidden meaning.

Now let us see. I’m almost about ready to shout now. The wound is healing up.

He said, John the Baptist said, that is, “The one coming after me will baptize you in fire.” Among the learned people in the Church, what is the common meaning? What is the express meaning?  It means that he will baptize them in human passions. He is going to set afire the human passions. Passions of love for each other. The world shall be made hot with the fire of human passions, the fire of love.

What satan shows, is that which should be hid. What he hides is what should be shown.

Jesus didn’t come to excite nobody’s passions and set the world afire with passions. That’s satan’s story.

Jesus came to light the world with understanding on the mysteries of life. The mystery of human life and the mystery of revelation. He came to shine the light so that the world would understand that. But satan took it and changed his fire from heavenly fire to earthly fire and made him a sign of passion.

And they say that he came of blood and water, and they interpret it, passion and spirit. Passion and spirit. No. That is the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ come exciting passion and spirit with no understanding. He deny the world understanding and just blow with the bellow the fires of their passions and their superstition.

Study the Bible. Superstition comes heavy in the New Testament. Superstition is light in the Old Testament. There is a Prophet, I believe, Samuel, I believe. The witch called him up from his grave to speak with her concerning trouble that Saul had. Saul, Saul, Old Testament Saul. King Saul.

But look at the New Testament. It gets real heavy with superstition. Spookism. People having fits and falling out. Seeing demons and demons coming out of them. It turns into an exodus with the split pea soup and everything. Not exodus. Exorcist. An exorcist. And an exodus too. Exit you clean on out of reality.

The New Testament gives that exorcist kind of spookism. One person didn’t come up with all their money for the tithe. What they call it the tithe? The bucket. And it was revealed that they had hid some of it. They didn’t bring it all. The earth that they were on started shaking. Earth started shaking. All kind of weird things started happening.

When the waters of the great flood had subsided, the boat rested and according to the scripture, Noah waited until the wind had finished driving the waters back to their places. Then he came out with his company, his children and his animals, is that right? And re-populated the world.

The sign that the world was ready to be re-populated was the dove. That right? The dove returned. The dove was not killed, the dove was saved. That was a sign that the world was ready to be re-populated. The sign of the dove alighting on Jesus’ shoulder is a sign that this same scheme is in the process again. Same scheme. What is the scheme?

Noah was laughed at by one of his sons. Why? Because he said he saw him in his nakedness and his drunkenness and he laughed at him. Is that right?

Ok, if Noah was naked and drunk, what does that tell us? He had no culture. Naked means without culture. I am not going to argue with you. I don’t have the time. I’ve got too much symbolism to work on. Nakedness means without culture. Drunk means, with an exaggerated, overdone spiritualism. Superstition makes us drunk, spiritually drunk.

Superstitious people are spiritually drunk people. So it means that the society the world started from, its very primitive level, had to go back to it very primitive level–superstition and no culture.

That is all that it means. And it started back again. The dove coming down on Jesus’ shoulder, What is this telling us? That satan is going to regress the world. He is going to retard the world. He is going to bring the civilize nations back again to primitive superstition, and the world is going to be naked of civilize culture. This is not the Christ you see coming in the New Testament. The real Christ is hid. The Anti-Christ is given to you boldly and you can’t see that damn devil because they have put something between your vision.

“Oh I love Jesus.” You don’t know Jesus. And is that in the Scripture? Yes it is. It says, “I was in the world and the world knew me not.” It didn’t say to except Peter. It says, “I was in the world and the world knew me not.” It didn’t say, “Except my followers.” It didn’t say except Paul or John or any of the rest.

And forget about the latter book, the one that replace Jesus with James, and replace and replace big John with a small John. They are sons of piss. And you understood me. I said, sons of piss. Urine.”Oh man, you have a terrible mouth.”

Well let me tell you what the Bible says. “There sets a degenerated people on the wall of their cities, eating dung mixed with barley cake and drinking their own piss,” and I gave it to you as the Bible gives it. So if I sound obscene to you, go read your obscene pornographic scripture again.

And preacher, if you insist, I will take you to the Bible and show you in the Bible that James and John are the sons of piss. I didn’t say it, but the Bible says it. But it is said so boldly that you can’t see it.

Let us look at the eighth day. All of us have been taught that this world is on time. And that the world is to last seven thousand years and no longer. Isn’t that what the church taught us? Yes. So what is the eighth day?

The eighth day is the beginning of a new world, not a new earth in the physical sense, but a new heaven and earth in the spiritual sense or in the religious sense. We are told that, that will come and that, that comes on the eighth day.

We are also told that there was a certain descendant of Adam who was so great, so righteous and so great, so blessed by G-d that his light was lit for eight days. The candle, the light or whatever kind of light it was stayed lit for eight days, which means he outlived, he lived through the trials and tribulations, the secrecy and the wickedness of the scheme of the Jahcubites to see the beginning of the new world order. We are also told the Jesus himself was circumcised. Circumcised on the eighth day. On the eight day.

Why does Jesus have to be circumcised? Well we might ask the earlier question, why does he have to be baptized? The Bible says he also was sanctified. So why was he sanctified, baptized, circumcised? Why did god have to have all of this done to him when he was born, conceived and born immaculately?

He was supposed to have been born without our human infirmities, without our human imperfections. He was supposed to have been born a perfect being. Why does a perfect being have to have a circumcision and then a baptism and then a sanctifying? This is not an individual that the Bible is taking about. It’s the whole human family that the Bible is talking about. The Book says, both Books, that Jesus is a sign. He is a sign. And we’ve been thinking that that was an individual.

And many of us now hear this crap on the TV about the finding of some shroud. Shroud yea. It’s a shroud alright. You ever heard, “It is shrouded in mystery?” You ever hear that expression. Well that’s the shroud they’re talking about. Got people going to Turin, I think the city is called. Spending their money, enriching that little town and its communist mayor because they are ignorant. The devil has the foreskin pulled over their eyes.

Let us go to something that may seem to you like a complete deviation from our course. They put out a movie called “The Mummy and the Mummy’s Tomb.” And that Mummy was brought back to life by the aroma from a certain kind of leaf, mystic leaves. It was possible to revive him after thousands of years of being dead, bring him back animated, walking around on earth without his mummy wraps. And the New Testament says that a sign that Jesus had rose was that the wrap was taken off his head. And they saw the wrap laying down so they knew that he had got up and gone. Well that is a little bit for the mummy, and we’ll go on now to something else.

So to understand the new generation or the new world that is going to be built by this so-called Christ, let us again go to the Noah story and his boat filled with animals, two and two. Every animal had its mate. And right away, the untrained reader he thinks that, yes he had to have his mate in order to continue his species.” So the lion had his lioness. The dog his mate. The cow his mate, every animal. Can you imagine a boat?

Now mind you, science says that the species have been decreasing. The species have been diminishing. There were more species before than now. The animal kingdom is dying and the human kingdom is flourishing. I wonder what size boat that man was…, Not the size they say in the book. His boat must have been made in the universe. There wouldn’t be no space for all the those animals. What kind of boat? The whole sea would have to taken by his boat. Right. Yes! If he got an animal and a mate from all of the animals on the earth, I don’t know how they could be held in that boat. And I wonder what kind of cleaning method he had? We get a little bird and we have a fit sometime.

No this story is telling us this, that this new scheme would be designed to fire up passions. Passions. What kind of passions? Sex passions. That’s why the mates are given, male and female to let you know that this was a passionate, sexual, sexual, passions, sexual fires that are going to be built up. Every animal with his female mate. You can imagine what kind of orgy they had on the boat. Bad weather and an orgy-astic trip I’m telling you. And that’s exactly the trip you have been on.

Look what this Western world has come too. Everything’s sex. Sex, Sex, Sex. Sex has become such a strong influence in the lives of the people that the wife now doesn’t care if the husband plays on her. She accepts it. The average wife now accept that her husband play on her. In fact some of them say, Let’s make a duo, a trio, a quattro, they don’t care, an octo. Have reduced you to your base instincts. Have reduced your intelligence to the very base instincts. Brought you down lower than the animal. You are not a free animal, you’re an animal in an ark with black pitch sealing out nature so your nature can’t even come into the ark.

The water is your human nature. And they didn’t want any human nature coming into that ark. They didn’t want any knowledge of nature coming into that ark so they sealed it with black pitch to keep out the water. It was a dry trip. Nothing but fire of base animal passion.

Can’t you see that what they told you in the Book was only their blueprint for what they were going to bring you to? And you read of it thinking that it was something that happened yesterday, and it was a plan for today.

They say, “Oh, they found a boat. That’s Noah’s boat on Mt. Ararat.” That stinking skunk. He’ll go and make one and work on it like he worked on the shroud, treat it with chemical and make it look old and find it and bring it to you and say, “This is Noah’s boat that we discovered.” Run that bastard off the planet!

Let us come to another figure that sits strong in this thing. The Book says that Elijah went up in a whirlwind. Was taken up in a fiery chariot. Believe it or not, Elijah is not what you think he is, just like Jesus in the Bible is not what you think he is. Elijah, that’s the name of my father. My father’s name is Elijah and my mother’s name is Clara.

We have as our first principle supporting our religion and our lives the Kalima, “La ilaha illallah.” “La ilaha illallah”, yes, You’re talking about the other part of it, that makes it Kalimataan. I’m talking about the first part of it, that makes it Kalima. And you add the other part and you get Kalimataan. Or Shahadataan. “La ilaha illallah.” There is an implied and expressed meaning for every word.

So we know what La ilaha illallah means in the common language. It means no deity, no object of worship. No G-d to worship, only Allah(SAW). There is one G-d and nothing else can be made a G-d. That’s the common knowledge. But now, what is the hidden knowledge?

The Jews invented G-d in their own form. Yes. Some of them did it ignorantly, but behind the ignorant ones were the conspirators, satan himself. I am not bringing you any new news. The Bible says, “I know your father. I beheld him fall from heaven like lightening. You are not the children of Abraham. You are the children of the devil, your father.” Jesus was speaking to Jews and he said that he beheld their father fall from heaven like lightning. Who fell from heaven like lightning according to scripture? Satan. Jesus is saying, according to their Book in plain language that the father of the Jews is satan and the are devils, the children of satan, according to the New Testament.

Now I don’t come with the blanket condemnation. I say that a lot of the Jews are good people and they are. But among their ancestors and among their children today are the satan himself, the conspirator. They don’t have to do much now. They have created artificially, minds among the Gentiles, hearts among the Gentiles that are carrying out their work in a better way than they could themselves because they do know G-d. Satan knows G-d. Study your scripture. Satan knows G-d. His imps don’t know G-d, but he knows G-d. So if you want to do a dirty thing that is too dirty for you, what do you do? You put on gloves or you get a long stick. And the gloves they put on are the Gentile. The stick they use to stir the filthy slimy slush, slush, the sewer, is the Gentile. They stir the cesspool up for feeding the masses with the stick, the Gentile. But who is on the other end of the stick? The children of satan himself. The Gentile doesn’t have the heart to do that. He has the nature to do anything, but he doesn’t have the heart to do what satan does.

What I mean by that. Gentile can’t do with a conscience what satan does. They don’t have the nature. They don’t have the devil nature, they have the Gentile nature. And we didn’t call them Gentile.

Hmm. Some of these goodies we might have to pass up, but if we pass them up to day I will give them to you another day, if I live.

Now let us go now to the Book of Revelation and look at the horses that are pictured in Revelation. In Revelation we see horses representing world people. Red horse, black horse, pale horse, white horse, representing the world people. And this is that Prophet’s description of what the world will look like. What the mind, the mentality of the world would be in the end of time. They would be like horses.

Now I want you to understand your uncircumcised state so that you’ll accept a circumcision.

The horse is an animal that follows his master’s orders blindly. He has no intelligence when he is trying to achieve something. Intelligence is gone once he starts to achieve something. He follows influence. So his master pops the whip, slap him, spur him, pull the reins and he will keep going. He responds to feeling. He also responds to things that come into his vision too though. So to keep him from having the problem of being disturbed by things coming in his vision, they put blinders on him. A bit in his month. They didn’t put the bit in Frankenstein’s mouth, the put the bit through Frankenstein’s jaw. Through his neck I mean. Same bit, just a little modification or alteration to take your mind off so that you won’t make the connection. Frankenstein had a bit, and he could do nothing but respond. He couldn’t act.

So the horse is symbolic of what this world would come to and that is what you have come to. You are nothing but a bunch of horses with blindfolds on you. This world rides you and you go on in the direction that it says ‘go.’ And you don’t care what happens. You are just going. Just going. You got to go. “Oh, I don’t have time. I Got to go.” A horse will run until he drops dead. Nothing stops him from responding to the influence. Death has to stop him and that is all that will stop him. He runs until he drops.

HO, HO, HO. A word for Santa’s reindeer and we are going to go on to something else. Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Rudolph. Where did they get that name from? Rudolph. How did that name come to America? Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Bright red nose. “And G-d breathe into his nostrils the breath of his own breath and the man became a living soul.” Rudolph the red nose reindeer has no breath of G-d in his nose. They are the fires of passion in his nose. His nose is turned red by the fires of passion. “Ho, Ho, Ho”

Now, let us make the connection. There were two sons born to a prophet by the name of Isaac according to the scripture. Esau and Jacob. And Jacob stole his elder brothers birthright. And after he stole his birthright, he also stole his pottage. Stole also his pottage. What is pottage? Pottage is the meat of a bird isn’t it? Yes, I believe it’s the meat of the bird, pottage. The meat of a bird. What is the bird symbolic of? Vision. The bird has the best vision of all the animals, and he is not satisfied just to see down here, he goes up in the sky so that he can look and get a wide view, and the highest flying one is the one that they attribute the greatest vision too, the eagle, and he is in the scripture too, but we don’t have time for all of these symbols.

So What did he steal from his elder brother? He stole his spiritual vision. He stole his religious vision from him. What was the favorite land meat of this brother? Deer. Deer meat. It says that Esau and his father they loved venison. Venison. That was their favorite meat, deer meat. Yes deer meat. Let us take a look at this deer now because this is not talking about there, it is talking about here. It is here now. It was somewhere else hundreds of years ago, but now it is here.

They have so many notes they play and when they run out, they play them again. They have jubilee after jubilee. Minor jubilees and major jubilees. Well this is a major jubilee for them if we let it happen.

Doe, ra, me, fa, so, la, te, do. “Doe a deer a female deer.” Have you ever heard that song? The first note is the deer, deer meat. ‘Oh, you mean to tell me mister that these people even put songs out? Oh that’s not all to it. I said he’s right in your face. He’s on your TV, he’s everywhere. And that’s how he keeps you from seeing him.

Doe a deer a female deer, not a male deer. A female deer. Why a female deer? In the likeness of Eve. Not the leadership, the society. Man represents the leadership in the scripture. Woman represent society in the scripture. So the deer here represents the innocence of a religious society. They’re just like the deer. Loving, peaceful beautiful natured animal. Doesn’t want to fight nobody. Doesn’t want to make no trouble. Deer just want to be free. Is that right. That’s all the deer wants. The deer wants to be free. And we have also the word, the synonym ‘dear’. Which means close to my heart. Is that right. Close to my heart, dear.

So that faith that was close to the Prophet’s heart, and his eldest son ate it with him, was stolen from the Prophet and his son by the Jahcubite. And you’d be surprised when you find out what they’re giving the world now to eat. We’re going to get to it. Insha-Allah(SAW), G-d willing.

The horse has the bit, bridle bit and two rings. Right. What do the two rings stand for? An 8 separated. I like to work with a black board. I don’t have one. But you can imagine the figure 8. It’s got one circle over a circle. That’s the figure 8.

That means the base nature of the human being, has evolved. He has metamorphized from the base creature to his full potential. He has come out of the world of physical figures, concretes. He’s come into the world of abstract. He’s come out of the world of physical appetite, into the world of intellectual appetite. He’s come out of the world of love for the flesh and love for the physical concept into the love for the infinite being. G-d, in his pure concept. So he has come into another world. And Jesus said, you must be born again. Is that right. You must be born again Nicodemas. Yes. So the 8 stands for the two worlds. Mister have they colored everything with this trick? Yes sirree.

The earth is approximately 24,896 miles I believe, in circumference. And the original society of these people, not us brother, makes their history to last for 25,000 years. A year to each mile. What does that tell us? That they don’t leave any neighborhood, any home untouched. They cover the whole earth. You think all of these so called false religions came up naturally on the earth? No. They were planted by the supplanter, the Jahcubite himself.

Doe, ra, mi fa, so, la te. I think te is the seventh note isn’t it? That’s the cross. That’s the last part of that scale. Once he gets to the cross and that is finished, he starts it all over again. He goes back to, ‘doe.’ He has to retard the world and bring the religious world back to its elementary, innocent to the deer mentality. Everything is deer. “I love you.” ‘Love,” peace and love.’ ‘Don’t kill anything. Don’t buy from the restaurant. Go to the health food store. You might eat something with the soul in it.” The deer, the deer mentality has been brought back and they are trying to feed it. They’re trying to feed the deer mentality to make all of us love everything. Love everything. Don’t hate anything. Be all positive and don’t be negative at all.

Got damn you! The first Kalima begins with a negative. La!, No! The most precious words that Allah(SAW) gave us begins with no, not with yes. We are not yes men. We are men who say no to everything but G-d. So they are trying to retard the pure hearts of the faithful and turn them into little innocent deer again. And he has the reindeer in the Christmas picture to tell you that one day, “I am going to make you lions, bears and tigers, I going to make you nothing but my little red nose pet deer.” And this nation, America, this great powerful nation, wasn’t it on the way just two years ago to becoming a soft tomato in the hands of the world? Trying to talk even the leadership of the country into being flower children.

“OH mister, if you are right, you are in trouble. If there are such conspirators, you’re in trouble. They are going to kill you.” They have killed their last one. They can’t kill me. They didn’t give me life and they can’t take it.

So the deer, he has to have reins on him. But they don’t show you the reins, they put it in the song. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. He’s reined too. We’re going to make a deer out of them. We’re going to put the bit in their mouth. We are going to put the reins on them. He won’t be a free deer. The deer loves freedom. We are going to enslave this deer society.

But You’re too late satan. Seven has run out. Once you multiply a number by itself, that’s as far as it can go. Seven times seven is forty-nine. That’s all the stones we throw, and they have been thrown. Satan has run out.

Yes after you throw 7×7 you have to say 8×7 and the bigger influences the smaller. Then you say nine times seven and you kept going up and seven keeps getting smaller and smaller as you multiply. They call it the seven tables, but seven is being diminished from eight on up.

Now, let us look at something here. If, Jesus now is the likeness of Noah in the New Testament. Then let’s see how the movement comes from water to land. Jesus said, “Come, I’ll make you fishermen of men.” He trained his disciples how to make the fish of human development come out of his fish state into a breathing creature. Instead of breathing in the water with gills, breathe with the nostrils of a man. Because G-d breathe the breath as the book says through the nostrils of man. The nostrils are two, two holes. That’s the figure 8. Two holes, it means two worlds. You have in you the power to evolve through this creation to master this creation. You have the power to get new vision revealed to you by G-d, that will make you superior to the physical matter that you were born out of in the beginning. The first evolution from the physical world is the water. The second evolution from the physical into a higher world is the man, and man doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Man means intelligence, mind that G-d design for the human being. Not the mind that the world has given you, but the mind that G-d intended for you to have. That mind has more faith in Creator than it has in creation. And that is the power that makes it superior to creation. Now where is the proof of this? The Bible says and G-d made man a degree, or a little below the angels. And Allah(SAW) revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the last prophet that G-d made man a little above the angels. What does the angel represent? Angel represent the forces in this universe, in this creation and beyond the universe also that obey its Creator. That’s what the angel mean. The forces of nature, the forces of matter, gravity, electricity, all of these things are angels in some sense. We also have influences in our human make-up. These are angels in our human make-up and G-d is in complete control over these things. He control the universe, the creation through the natural law of the universe. And He controls us through our own nature. Our nature may stray and follow something other than G-d, but our nature cannot totally separate, it has to come back, has to come back to Almighty G-d. You see?

It says that He made the man a little above the angels, meaning that human beings can rise above the forces of creation. The human being can become superior to the forces of creation and that’s what we have to become. And that is why Allah(SAW) says to the Prophet in the Qur’an that he made his man a little above the angels. Why? Because satan had taken the angels, a third of them from their places in obedience to G-d. He took even the forces of creation away from obeying G-d. What third? The human third. He couldn’t take the sky, he can’t take the planets, he can’t change the planets, he can’t change the nature in metal. But he can change the nature in the human being because you have free will, free mind. You can follow something outside of your own nature.

So satan took a third of the kingdom, he took the human being down from his place in heaven, place in the order of G-d. Not in the sky somewhere in a spiritual place, in the universal order of G-d. He took the man out of that place. Human being out of that place. How did he take him out?

The book says, rejoice not, whole Palestina. Have you read it in the Bible? Rejoice not whole Palestine. It says Palestina, another name for Palestine. Rejoice not whole Palestine, for out of the serpent’s root, shall come a flying cockatrice. A Trinitarian doctrine. Believe me or not, I’m telling you the truth, plain truth, nobody can do anything with it.

Out of the serpent’s root shall come a flying cockatrice. We know from studying the mythologies, that bird means spiritual makeup of the human being. We know that from studying the mythologies. And if this is a bird that has some threefold, threefold nature, then what it stands For. Spiritual religion. What religion has this Trinitarian makeup? Christianity.

Oh mister, I thought you were trying to get together with the Christians. That’s right. And this is the best way to get together with the Christian. Not going to get together with them in their underground world of sin and confusion and ignorance. Let’s get together in the light of day.

Let us examine now the cockatrice bird. Says that this bird was a bird hatched by a snake. It was a bird’s egg, but the egg is hatched by a snake. And when the bird from the egg was born, it had both the characteristics of bird and snake. And it is called the cock-a-trice, means twice, but it’s a play also on trice. Satan always has his hidden mark. Which means three. Two means that from one life to another life. From a lower life to a higher life. What is this now going to evolve from a lower life to a higher life and is going to become a terror for the very people that they were trying to save.

Palestine, G-d was trying to save it. And it was destroyed by the Europeans. And when it was being destroyed that prophecy came, “Rejoice not whole Palestine.”

What part of Palestine now will rejoice that Jerusalem is being destroyed? The Essence, that part of Palestine that was right in heart. That hated Caesar and also hated, what’s his name? Herod. Hmm? He-rod, He-rod the ruler. The Jewish puppet who was over the Jews. The sincere religious society of the Jews, hated both. They didn’t want the Romans dominating their lives ,their land, and their lives, and they didn’t want the puppet Herod ruling over them. But Herod was successful. Why? Because he was backed by Pharisees and Sadducees. “Rejoice not whole Palestine for out of the serpent’s root shall come a flying cockatrice.” They were saying, the Gentiles are conquering the holy land. The Jewish nation is finished as a nation, as a political body and we are glad because they had become corrupt. They were persecuting the good ones among them and oppressing the good ones among them.

But a voice came from the prophet saying, “Rejoice not whole Palestine, this is just the beginning.” The Gentile is marching down your nation now, but they are going to raise the cross.” Do, ra, me, fa, so, la, te. “I drink with jam and bread.” Have you ever heard that. I drink with jam and bread and that will bring me back to do, ra, and start it all over again.

What is the jam and bread? The bread is the white bread. America was given white bread. You go East, you will find brown bread. You have to ask for white bread. You come to America, you have to ask for wheat bread. This land has been given white bread by the devil. A sign that their knowledge shall not have gold in it. It shall not have the gold of the wheat in it. Gold is wisdom. It shall be thoroughly drenched of wisdom. It shall have nothing but a puritanical vision. A puritanical appearance. Have you found any people that think more pure that Christians? Oh, they’re the purest thinking people in the world, and the filthiest living people on earth. Purity is a false purity. False purity, it’s not original. The wheat is not originally white. So the whiteness of the American bread is artificial. It is artificially produce. Bleached, and they tell you bleached flour. Don’t they?

So you come right back to the same note that they played on earlier civilizations. Only, they didn’t call it white bread. They called it leprosy. They gave the people the whiteness of leprosy, and now they give you the whiteness of the artificial bread. And the Bible says, “Thou shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of G-d.” Is that right? So, we know something about the bread. Oh that’s not the half of it, we’ll march on a little more.

Even the science, the so-called science have been made tools of satan. He has the knowledge locked up for his children, even in the sciences. I can’t go over much of the sciences to give it all to you, but I am going to start with water. H 2 0. H2, what does it means? 2 parts atoms, 2 part what? 2 part hydrogen, 2 circles. They picture the atom as a circle.

Two circles of hydrogen. What does that mean? What is hydrogen? Hydrogen is a light gas that goes up in the sky. Your two worlds shall be light that go up in the skies. You shall have only one heavy world. You shall not get the heavy knowledge of the heavenly order. You are going to get one atom of oxygen. Oxygen stands for the heavy gas, heavy gas that clings to the earth. You’re going to get one, that’s materialism. We are going to give you materialism and your rational knowledge shall be false spiritualism. You going to go from the earth up to the sky. Both your life, both of your developments will go up in the sky.

When the Nation of Islam was established in Detroit, Michigan in 1930, this so-called Negro people, this black people of America had their whole life up in the sky. Couldn’t think anything but Jesus and going somewhere after death to wear beautiful robes, golden slippers and play on a harp and drink sweet milk and honey. Yea, that was it. And right now you can go to some of these Noah Churches, Noahe, or Noaha churches and you’ll find them still naked and still drunk.

I am on the Bell system, I wish I was on the muezzin system, but I’m on the bell system. I hope they haven’t cut me off. I like bells too. No reason for them to cut me off. Cause I’m their Christ just as much as I am your Christ. “Oh, he has said that he is Jesus Christ.” No I didn’t, I said I am Christ, not Jesus Christ. Get it straight. And I have news for you. You are Christ too. But you have to get the sun and moon back in your head and be circumcised.

Fish represent the primitive form of flesh life on the earth. The beginning of the life development on the earth. The Holy Qur’an gives us the word of G-d saying that all life came out of the water. No matter how high you develop, the beginning is in water. The water is symbolic of your original nature, original nature, first development pardon me of your original nature which is faith, fear, obedience, a desire to move out, but you accept to be contained. Don’t like trouble and confusion, peaceful. You have heard the expression, peaceful waters. Can’t fire the waters up too high.

See, Noah couldn’t let the water, the false Noah, couldn’t let water into his boat because that would keep the fires from being fired up. The fires in fact couldn’t get too hot if water came in the boat. They would have something to cool their passions. The water of human spirituality, the true nature of the human being. Never said that he brought any water on the boat for them, and water couldn’t get in. How those animals live without water. Not that water, the water of human sentiment, human spirituality. You see? Yes. So this represents the very early development of the human beings mind and nature.

We have a fish they call the catfish. This catfish, one day who knows, he might be a land animal because already he likes muddy water and he has already started developing feelers that feel out, so who knows what he will be in the next 5,000, 10,000, 50,000 years. The catfish may be walking around here on earth. No it’s no joke. You once was in the water yourself. And biology can show you in the water right not. There human germ when it first form as a life, it is a thing swimming in the water like a little fish. And from that little fish looking thing that is swimming in the water comes you. Yes. And the Holy Qur’an says that He formed you from a leech like clot.

What is a catfish? Why did they name this thing catfish. You didn’t name it. They named it. Why they name it catfish. And why Fard Muhammad who betrayed the Jahcubites told us not to eat catfish. Because it’s filthy? No, everything he did was because of a symbolic, significance and nothing else. Catfish is the fish that is an animal that is trying to live out of water. He’s not satisfied with what the water provides. The food in the water is too clean for him. He comes to the muddy water because the things he want to eat is in that muddy water. You see?

So who is the catfish? The catfish is the Jahcubite. The early form of the Jahcubite society. They first left the pure moral teachings and spiritual teachings of the religion because they had an appetite for the food that the material world produced. Not the clean food that the material world produced. They wanted the slimy filthy food that the material world produced. And from that evolved the…..the great beast of Revelation starts with a little serpent and he gets bigger and bigger until in the Revelation, he becomes a great Dragon, a great Beast in the sea, in the lake pardon me. Is that right? Yes. He grows, too. Time is running on us but we’ll go on.

You saw the World Series, perhaps. The pitcher’s name is Catfish Hunter. I’m not joking. I’m very serious. The pitcher’s name was Catfish Hunter. Jahcubite put him there, gave him the name. “Oh, how could they give him the name?” Without his knowledge. Somebody just tell him, “Call him catfish, and call it to him until it catches on.” He doesn’t know who is making the suggestion. And then he becomes Catfish Hunter. Catfish Hunter, Catfish Hunter. Who is the “catfish hunter”? No, no, pardon me, the catfish is the Jahcubite. Who is the catfish hunter? That is me! Do you think they haven’t made movies of me? They’ve made movies of me. They bring television stories out on me. And the game, the World Series, was played on me. I’m “catfish hunter” pitching against the Dodgers.

And I won this world series. They think they’re going to win the next. They going loose the next, and for on and on they going to lose. Their coach dies. That was a sacrifice of the Jahcubites. Maybe they picked the man they knew would die at that time, or maybe they kept him on and knew he would die. If he had not, they would have gotten it some kind of way. They have a way of producing the thing that they want to produce, and they don’t care what they sacrifice to do it. So their coach died. What was his name? Anybody know? Hum? What was his nickname? Huh! Naw. Naw. The devil. His nickname was “the Devil”. And their coach died, meaning that “their power died”.

How many balls does it take to strike a person out? Three strikes right? What strikes you out? G-d the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost strikes you out. Satan he pitches, G’d the father, G’d the son, and G’d the holy ghost. Once he gives you the holy ghost, you struck out, you can’t bat no more. And where is the strike zone? It is between shoulder and knee. What does that represent? Sex and sentiment. If he can’t get you through your sentiment, he get you through your sex. If he miss you through your sex, he gets through your sentiments. If he can’t get you through your sex or your sentiment, he’ll get you through your bowels, through your dung.

One of the gates of Jerusalem was called the “Gate of Dung.” That’s in the Bible. Dung is a part of the strategy. The so-called Kosher Jew, they don’t eat the hind of the animal. They give it to you. The Gentile eat it. The none Kosher Jew eat the hind of the animal. That’s his booty. You eat the shit. Do I frighten you with this language. That’s a part of their strategy. To give the world shit and they eat the precious part of the animal. Yes satan, your day is over. AllahuAkbar. What is another sign? Trying to circumcise your mind for greater intelligence flow.

Another sign according to the scripture is this. It says, “As the serpent was lifted up in the wilderness, so shall the Son of Man be lifted up.” Ok, let’s see who is this. There is an expressed meaning and an implied one. An open meaning and a hidden one. Let’s not talk about the open one, we are talking about the hidden one. According to the story, the so-called Hebrew people who are following Moses had betrayed him while he was up in the mountain getting direction from G-d.

When he came back down, his own brother Aaron, had fallen weak to their suggestions and was helping them build a false deity. A false G-d. And they were quarrelsome people. Arguing and suspicious of Moses intentions. Suspicious of his ability to do what he said G-d would bring about, or get what G-d said he would give him. They were a suspicious, thick headed, argumentative people.

The Book says that they were punished by flying tongues of fire. That right? Which means that their boasting in their own knowledge was their punishment. And that is your punishment right here today. You people who won’t give me the support that you should give me, who belong to this World Community of Al-Islam. Your problem is, you think I am no different than you. You say , Chief Imam and all that bull crap, but in your own mind, you’re saying aw he ain’t, I don’t have to. I heard this before. Oh yea, he’s good, but it is the same old things. I could do it myself. I got some knowledge too.” So you want to show off your fiery tongue. Yes.

That’s your problem. Crabs in a barrel. Don’t want to see one of your people go up because you think that you should go up too. “If I don’t go up with him, right at the same rate of speed , then I don’t think that he should go up. Bring him down.” How you going to ever have a successful society if one man doesn’t rise. It says, “Lift me up and I will draw all men unto me. Naaw, but you are so jealous hearted. So selfish till you lie to yourself and say, “I’m just as good as he. I got just as much sense as he got. How can you have as much sense as I got, and G-d has given it to me and not to you.

So Moses devised a trick to shame his argumentative people. He formed a brazing serpent and raised it up on a pole, upon a stick. And it says “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so shall the Son of Man be lifted up.” What was that serpent raised up for? As a reminder to those argumentative Jews, or Hebrews as scripture say they were called. I don’t believe that they were called by anyone of those names, not then. Says that he raised that brazen serpent up as a sign to them. Say and when any man would look to that sign, he would become healed. He was healed. Healed of what? The incident before that tells you what the problem was. They were just argumentative. They couldn’t accept leadership. Said, that were healed. What is brass? What is the brazen? Brazen means brass doesn’t it? Brass. What is brass? See G-d made me a welder so I would know metals also. I’m a welder and a darn good one.

Brass is a metal that can’t take a lot of heat. Too much heat destroys the quality of the brass. It becomes I think what they call tinking brass I think it call it something like that. It’s called tinking brass or something. Dead brass. That’s what it is. It becomes dead. You see brass rings when it’s healthy, when it has its quality. It rings. But if you put too much heat to brass, it will get dark and burnish, and when you strike it, it won’t ring. It makes no ring. What does G-d say in the Qur’an. They say that G-d made man from clay. G-d says to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and also, ‘sounding clay.’ One with a ring. Means He made man not only obedient, but He made him expressive. He made him with expression. That you can tell him something and he can repeat it , give it back to you.. You touch him he responds. He is expressive. When the brass becomes dead, it can’t express itself. It loses it ability to express itself.

So what was Moses teaching his people? That, “If you become hot headed, if you stay hot headed and want to get all fired up and argue with me, remember nut, you’re brass. Your brain ain’t gold, your brain is brass. And the hotter headed you get, the less sense you got. Pretty soon you can’t express yourself intelligently, you sound, thump, thump, thump, thump. Don’t have the quality of expression. The fine quality of expression. You lose your eloquence,you come down to tinking brass. That’s what he was teaching them, and that’s what I am teaching you right now. Stop letting your passions burn out the quality of your intelligence.

So it is necessary for someone to hunt the catfish. Not the catfish among the Jahcubites, the conspirators. They have evolved higher than that. They’re not catfish anymore. But they have made catfish among the Gentiles. Now the Gentiles have come into their form and you, you don’t like the good spiritual life that G-d gives you. You want some filth in it. You want some swine in it. “So shall the Son of Man be lifted up.”

What is Jesus a sign of now? He is a sign to remind the people of the sins, proclaim, professed sins of our first ancestor called Adam. They say, “Your first father sinned. And here is what his sin produced. Even the murder of our savior. But, they were not successful in actually killing him, getting rid of him. He’s coming back.” He is resurrected and Christ is coming back. Is that right? So this is one meaning that they’ve given you that as Moses used the undeveloped form of the argumentative Hebrews’ mind to show them their trouble, now we are being shown man’s sin to remind us of the trouble in our nature. Don’t commit adultery, don’t steal, don’t lie. If you can, become a monk or a nun, a priest. Stay away from flesh.” There’s a sign, “See look, that is what flesh did.” Right?

Is this G-d’s way to teaching us? No, that is the devil’s suggestions. The devil’s suggestion. The real meaning is this. Here is what Jahcubite is telling you. “Yes, We know you want freedom. You want justice and equality. You want to rise socially. You think that Christ came to tell all of you people, regardless of your religion or of your race, to tell all of you that you have the same freedom that he has. That you can become one in his body. That you can rise, lead your own life, master your own destiny, having faith in G-d.

Christ told you that, but look at what I’ve done for you. I have turned the whole thing around. I got you now worshiping a dead body. I got you now praying to a dead body. I have put myself in Christ’s place as a pitiful dead thing and I have reduced your senses to make you worship a pitiful dead thing. These fools don’t know that actually that sign on the cross is the Jewish nation that was crucified by the Romans. But look at how we play a joke on the Romans now. Look, look you Romans, you worship our dead society. “You worship the Jerusalem that you killed. And the living Jerusalem of satan is still here manipulating the forces of the whole world. Controlling your mind and your whole life.”

Didn’t they try to come out with this so-called shroud to prove that Jesus is a semitic, is a Jew? Yes. They want to tell you that Jesus is a Jew. And for satan, he is a sign of what happened to the Jewish society. They killed the Jewish society They destroyed the Jewish people as a nation. “But we are not dead. We are resurrected. You are worshiping the death, we have the life.” That’s what they are telling the Gentile people and you too that believe in them.

Say “We have given you our signs, the sign of the fallen Jerusalem. Of the defeated Jerusalem. You worship our death and you wait for us to come back from our death to save you. We already back from our death and we are laughing at you. We going to save you alright. Salvation that we got planned for you is more fire. We are going to fire your passions up ’til you become a drooling beast.” That’s satan’s plan for you all. Yes. So You’re waiting for Christ to come back and the Christ that’s been given is Anti- Christ. And the one that they have plan to give you as the returned Christ is satan himself. Satan himself.

And the only thing stops it was G-d’s blessing upon me. That’s the only thing stopped it. G-d blessed me with insight and guided me and satan saw me too late. When they saw me, I had already started a fire that had been seen by people on low and on high. And they’re afraid now that too many people know it. If they try to stop it, they will be seen. So they try to stay hiding. But they can’t hide anymore because the Book says, his cover will be too short. Say if he tries to cover his feet, his head would show. Try to cover his head, his feet will show. Isn’t that what the Book said. Yea you know.

So they have given us Anti-Christ for Christ. And Allah(SAW) in the Qur’an tells us that. Say, “They did not kill Jesus, nor did they crucify him.” So if they didn’t kill or crucify Jesus, who is the dead Christ we’re looking at? That is not Jesus. That’s a sign of what they have done to you. They have made you worship the dead Jerusalem and waiting for the Jerusalem to be resurrected. So when the Jahcubite kingdom is resurrected, you are going to be worshiping them.

And they got a program on TV, and I saw them saying that they are inviting Christian Ministers to go to Jerusalem to study the doctrine there in Jerusalem. This is a Christian Program on TV asking Christian Ministers to go to Jerusalem to study under the Jews. Ever since I mentioned that they were doing that, they haven’t done it again to my knowledge. And I mentioned that about a year ago I think. They haven’t done it again to my knowledge. “Are they that afraid of you ? Yes, because they know G-d works through me. (Applause–Imam responds, “No, I don’t want your claps.”)

Now, let me continue here.

You’ve heard the expression, “Now let us get down to brass tacks.” You’ve heard that expression haven’t you? How many brass tacks do you use. You don’t use any brass tacks. Hard to find brass tacks. So what are they talking about. “Let’s get down to brass tacks?”

Here is satan’s weakness. His weakness is his boldness. Allah(SAW) says in the Qur’an that when he ordered the Angels to respect the man that He had formed to be Khalifa, to be Ruler, to be Custodian over His creation, Iblis refused, abaa wa staaq baraa. What does that mean? He refused out of pride, out of the belief that he was much greater. He overestimated himself, terribly overestimated himself, and that is his weakness. He terribly overestimates himself. Once he gets power over you, then he plays with you. And the more he see that you are not awake, or sensitive to what he is doing, the more bolder he becomes. And he gets bolder and bolder. And that’s his downfall. “Let’s get down the brass tacks,” he is talking to his people and not for you.

That is not for the Gentile. That is for his special class. They have to have some amusement. They have to laugh at you. They have to wink at each other, and this is their way of winking at each other laughing at you. They say before Henry Ford or Henry Ford, Jr. or before President Carter. “Okay Jim, let’s get down to brass tacks.” Meaning, let’s work through the brass of these people. We have made them brass. Let’s work through the brass. Yes, they make brass, silver, they make whatever they want to make.

They have taken over from G-d and they form the people of the society and the society in any form or mind or nature they want. So you have heard that expression “let’s get down to brass tacks.” Let’s keep going now. If you tack something down with brass and you put a lot of heat to it, what happens? The brass is no more good. It becomes like dirt, it breaks up if you put to much heat to it. It gets real brittle.

Alright, now a let’s go to something else here. Paper and pen. Black and white. “Show it to me in black and white.” They finally showed it to us in black and white didn’t they? Now some of you can’t see anything unless it is in black and white. You don’t like the way I talk because I don’t talk in black and white. Farrakhan and his friend, they don’t like the way I talk because I don’t talk in black and white. “Let’s get down to black and white.” They finally got this country down to black and white.

Let’s go on now. Pen and pencil. Pen. What is pen? P-e-n. Pen means five. Is that right? Pentagon. Pen means five. You should write with your five senses, but look at your pencil, it is a six sided figure. The writing part of it they call lead. You have a six figured force leading you. Lead, led. Right? Yes. Synonym. Lead, led. Lead in the pencil. “He led me.” “Oh man, that don’t mean nothing.” You stupid ass. And I call you a stupid ass because that is what you are. A stupid donkey and worse. Do you think that I could speak this many connections and be guessing. And if I stand here, I can stand here all night, and show you connections.

The pencil has six sides to it. Look at your pencil when you get home. It has six sides to it. The beast number is six. “He who has wisdom, let him count the number of the beast. This is in Revelations I believe. His number is six, three score and six. A score is twenty, and three times twenty is sixty. and six is sixty six. Six, six, six, (666), means that his whole being has been dominated by this scheme, the six scheme. The scheme that they give the number six to as a code number. (Thank you). Yes.

They speak of the human being as being a three part being. Really he is one having three different facets of his life for expression in life called the physical-flesh, mind and spirit. Well this is a human being whose flesh is not of the nature of flesh and it doesn’t follow the nature of flesh. It follows the nature of the scheme. His mind doesn’t follow the nature of the real human mind, it follows the nature of the scheme. His spirit is not given to G-d, it follows the nature of the scheme, and that is what 666 means. They brought out a movie called “OMEN.” Omen means a bad sign. A sign of something coming that’s bad. But look at the word again. It is spelled O-M-E-N.

It is an address, calling your attention. Oh- MEN. And there was a little child whose mother committed suicide in a land, but they didn’t say where the land was, but the land was Jerusalem. The mother commit suicide, meaning that they gave up their nation. They were defeated, but they didn’t have to give up. They could have fought. But they pretended like they were giving up. So he gave his life, but didn’t actually give it. Pretended like he was giving it. Made the world think he was dead. That he gave his life, you see?

So the mother, meaning the society the nation, the old nation of the Jahcubite commit suicide. For who? For Damien their child the offspring. “I will come up again.” And how did he come up? Next to the President of the United States, Did you see the movie? He comes up next to the president of the United States. They commit suicide as a nation as a Herod Kingdom in Jerusalem so that they can come up into a bigger nation. And the Book says, “Your seed shall inherit the Gentiles.” I am giving you word for word.

If any preacher is in here and he doesn’t come up here and put his hand in mine and declare himself, a Muslim belonging to this community, he is not fit for anything but for the devil to burn up or to use like they want. What color are the pencils? Yellow. “Red and yellow, pink and blue. Purple and orange and green. I can sing a rainbow.” You’ve heard that song maybe.

A color for each note on the scale, and when they say you are yellow, what do they mean? You’re weak. You’re yellow, you’re week. So they give you a lead pencil with the color of yellow, meaning that whatever you Gentiles write is weak. “We have the knowledge, you have the weak.” And you ain’t suppose to use no pen unless you are classy. That’s the highest you can go is a pen. You have to use a yellow pencil or a pen. Use their false knowledge or use your five senses in the dark. You don’t have no light. Feeling, that is all they give you.

Pencil is pronounced pen-cil, but look at how it is spelled. P-e-n isn’t it? Is it c-i-l-e? Yes, c-i-l. It should be c-i-l-e. They just left the ‘e’ off. It should be pen-cile, pen-cile. Like the five senses. Akin to the five senses. Something that has been formed of the five senses, but not really genuine. Like the jinn. He is Gen-tile. He’s like a Gen. You see. Man-kind, like a man, but not really man.

Now let us go back to the ancient Egyptian religion. Two of their most noted gods, so-called gods, Isis and Osiris. Of Isis it says, “No one has ever lift my veil”. “No one has ever lift my veil.” Study the Bible and you will see that the so-called Jewish people were in Egypt, and the Book says that they floated Moses down the river to Egypt to pharaoh’s palace and his wife took up Moses out of a basket. Out of a basket. A basket of small wood. Pieces of the burning bush. The burning bush was a frail thing. The basket is made of the burning bush, but no light’s in it now. And they float Moses down the river to Egypt for what? This is not the real Moses, this is Moses, the thief. He is going to Egypt to steal their knowledge.

What is the proof? They also put pitch on this basket so that no water would come into the basket. Here is a little simple ark, going in to Egypt and they are going to do to the Egyptians what they did to the society of Noah. In time they are going to reduce Egypt like they reduced Noah, but first they got to get in. And Moses worked in the palace of pharaoh. He became one of the leaders in his palace. And they drove him out. Why? Because G-d called him. Is that right? The drove him out because G-d called him.

And we think that, that is the true story. That’s how come the Qur’an doesn’t give the story just as the Bible gives it. There is no mentioning of this pitch on the basket. No pitch on the basket. They change the meanings to fit their scheme and the Book says, “Nothing G-d planned to do that the devil didn’t come up, trying to duplicate “His plan.” Isn’t that what the Book says? If G-d design something for his people and set up a leader for his people, then the devil look at it and he tries to duplicate it and he twist it to reverse what G-d is trying to do. So G-d sends his Moses ,the devil sends his Moses. G-d sends his Noah, the devil sends his Noah. G-d sends his Christ, the devil sends his Christ. The devil can’t create a thing. All he can do is copy and use G-d’s way and turn it around to take over the people.

The Book says, “Since you have decided to humiliate me like this G-d by putting this old common human being over me, then I am going to come to him from before him, from behind him. From his left and from his right. And when I am finished with him, you won’t find many of them worthy. Isn’t that the challenge of the devil in the Qur’an. What does it mean, I’ll come from before them? It means, “I will be their prophet G-d. You are going to send them Moses, I will be right behind him and before they know Moses, I will have the machinery in operation, I will be their Moses before they even get acquainted with your Moses.” Right now I am rising up because G-d wants me to rise up, but already, and they started a long time ago inventing false ones.

So it says, “No one has ever removed my veil,” of Isis. Isis represents in the ancient religious mythology of the Egyptians, purity in religious scripture. It means the original scripture as it came from the very beginning. The Holy Qur’an could be called Isis, but the only thing that would hurt us in calling it would be that Isis was completely symbolic.

The Holy Qur’an is pure and is basic, clearly expressed and also symbolic. As it tells us, I believe in the third chapter of the Holy Qur’an in the very beginning of the verses says, “This Book is basic. Clearly expressed, and also allegorical. Which means in symbolic language not clearly expressed. It says, “Those who prefer the allegorical over the clear basic teaching, are those who have in their heart a perversion.” They have in their heart bad intention. The clear teachings that form the basic of the Book is what we should stand upon as authority. And the other, G-d will bless as He see fit men and women that He chose with the understanding of that, and that is what He says. And He says. “No one will get its hidden meaning except by G-d.” Except G-d wills it, gives it to them.

So we have Isis now representing purity of the original script. And Isis says, “No one has ever removed my veil.” Meaning that no one has removed the secret language, the symbolism so that they could see the real message. That’s what it mean. And that was a trick that ancient Egypt used on the mass of the people to keep them slave tools, mental and spiritual slave tools, in the hands of pharaoh and the ancient Egyptians.

The Jewish people went and learned from them, the so-called Jewish people. They weren’t called Jews in those days. They went and learned of the trick and they came back with that trick to pull on the world. Not only to Egypt, they went all over the world. You will find Jews everywhere. They went all over the world getting tricks to pull over the eyes, pull the wool as they say, over the eyes of the people. Yes, and one of them is this trick. They justify themselves by saying, “The world was against us. The world was persecuting us. The world would kill us if they saw what we believe in. They didn’t want our religion.” Is that really the truth? Is that really the case?

There are many good Jews who preach religion clean from their hearts as they see it. They don’t have any trouble in the world, but once somebody find, detect a satan with a satanic plan, with a diabolical plan, certainly they are going to persecute it. They say, “Get out of my land. You can’t stay here with this supplanting idea of yours. Trying to usurp my power. Take away our kingdom. Corrupt our nation. Get out of here.”

I asked one Jew once, he was talking about how they had been persecuted all throughout the history.” I said, “Look, you shouldn’t talk about that so much, because you make people like me suspicious of you. I wonder what would make people all over the world mistreat a person. You must be guilty of something. That’s what I told him, and he left me alone. He never spoke to me again. He couldn’t look at me in the face again. And we had to live together because we were both locked up in Sandstone, Minnesota Federal Correctional Institution. We had to see each other everyday, but he never would look me in my face anymore. I said, “You shouldn’t keep telling that story. Because you make people like me suspicious of you. You say that everybody had been mistreating the Jew.

Why? That is not human nature. You got to do something to make everybody mistreat you.” When I was a child, they had most of the business in our neighborhood. They had the liquor stores in my neighborhood. They had the pawn shops in my neighborhood. They were sucking the blood of my poor people. They were giving us liquor that their book say, don’t drink. They were giving us pork that their book says don’t eat. The were teaching us to gamble and their book says, don’t gamble. They were teaching us to act a monkey and act a fool and talk the dozen, talk filthy language.. They were encouraging us to be filthy and low and their book teaches them against it. Now suppose I had been given power over my community, over my neighborhood, with the mind and the spirit that I have, don’t you know that I would have drove them out of my neighborhood.

And then they would have said oh the Holocaust. It is not holy cause, it is an unholy cause. “Oh you are terrible. You are like Hitler.” No I am not. Hitler was their father. They were trying to revive him. The Bible says, “Your mother was a Hittite. Your father an Amorite.” And Hitler traced his ancestry back to the Hittites, the Aryan people. Hitler wasn’t noting but a dumb baby. They were trying to revive him, but he betrayed them. You want to see that story again, go look at Frankenstein’s monster. The mad psychologist tried to give human life to dead flesh. Tried to bring dead flesh to life, but he made a mistake. The genes of the dead thing he tried to use wasn’t good. Didn’t have the intelligence that he needed. The thing ended up killing him.

Now this brings us down to soap, Isis represents purity, but the purity is concealed. What do we have? We have worst than a purity that is concealed. A purity that is concealed is a symbolic purity. It means that if I interpret the symbolism, if I break the code, I am going to find the real thing. But If I put something in it that doesn’t belong to it, if I put a foreign matter into it they didn’t only change the doctrine, but it says they write it with their own fingers. Is that right? Says that they fabricate, and they write scripture with their own finger. This is what the scripture says. So it is not only absence of purity, void of purity, it contains also falsehood.

So what kind of soap they gave the Gentile. What do you clean yourself with. Animal fat and lye. Animal fat and lye. Why they call it lye. You think that they just call it lye because that is the name? That ain’t the name. That is not the scientific name. It is not lye. Old people call it potash. And it’s got another name. They call it lye for their own generation to let them know, “Here is another sign of what we’ve done to the Gentiles. See their soap,Ivory, 99 and how many tenth pure? 99 & 8/10th percent pure I think they say. Can’t be 100% pure. Why do they put that on the soap? They didn’t have to do that. Soap is soap. Why they have to put on there 99 & …..They’re telling you that even the whitest soap, even the whitest face that the Gentile has, has poison in it. It can’t be 100%. it got a lie in it. And it’s made from animal fat.

The scripture says that G-d’s oil is the oil of a blessed olive tree. Not the oil of an animal. The oil of an animal is a symbol in scripture that it is objectionable. It is to be rejected. We don’t like the oil of the animal. The Jew was told not to eat the fat of the animal. And Allah(SAW) reveal to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that they didn’t eat it, but that they sold it to other people. Is that right? Yes, It’s in the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and in the Qur’an if you understand it.

They were told not to eat the fat of the animal, but then they took it and sold it to other people, and that is what they did with everything that they were told not to use.

The pig, the whiskey, everything. And don’t forget the hind of the animal because we are coming to that again in just a few minutes. So Isis represent virtue, virtue, virtuous teachings. Culture that uplift the morals and virtues of the man of the human family. And Osiris represents insight, intelligent insight. Sun represents intelligence insight. What advances the intelligent eyes? Insight of the human being. What has contributed to the advancement of our intellect more than anything else? Opposition, struggle, passion, passion.

A man fights, struggle hard and work hard, fights hard either because something is opposing him or he loves something. Is that right? Love and hate, these are the two elements that has advanced the growth of the human intelligence and the growth of our institutions of learning more than anything else. Love and hate. Hate moves us and love moves us. We struggle hard and fight hard to overcome the hateful enemy, the opposition and we struggle hard and fight hard to save our loved ones.

A man might not be worth anything. He might be a not count loafer, but if he find a girl or woman he loves enough, and if he respects her enough, if she is the kind of woman that can provoke in him respect for her, that man will stop being a lazy loafer and will become the most industrious man in the city. Working for a woman that he loves, and he won’t be ashamed to tell you either. He will say “Man, I love that woman. I go out every morning and hit it.” And if they stay good loving people with each other, they will love their offspring. But if there is division between the mate and mate, most likely it’ll affect the offspring. But when two people love and respect each other very much, then the offspring are also cherished, and you will have a beautiful flourishing family. Jahcubite want us divided one against the other. So he creates, feminist movements, unisex, freaks, he create everything.

We said earlier that the circumcision rites are recorded in history as being practiced in Egypt long before they came to our world. So what did this circumcision mean for them? What is meant for them, it meant for us. Not only did Moses go down the river in the basket, the false Moses, the Moses plot. You have heard of the Christ plot. Don’t read that book anymore, you got it from me, you got the straight story.

Ok now here come the Jesus. Before he started on his mission, where did they take him? They took him to Egypt. The mother and the child was told to go to Egypt. They are going to Egypt again. The Shriners, they have been lucky to get some knowledge. They trace the Christian civilization back to ancient Egypt. The pyramids, the eye, the compass the square, all from Ancient Egypt. And they have a saying, that the builder was taken west and hit in the head. Yes, hit in the head alright. kicked in the pants too.

Circumcision then is the removal of the veil of code language. Riddle, code, symbolism. When you take the symbolic meaning off of the knowledge that G-d blessed human beings with to evolve with, to learn with his growth, and also the knowledge that He gave him as revelation, when you take the veil of code language and ritualism and all of the other symbolic things off of that teaching, then you have circumcised yourself.

They say that you can’t circumcise yourself until the eighth day according to the old ritualistic teaching. It means that this world will never be given that knowledge.

It is going to have to live without that knowledge, it will never get that knowledge. But it says that “when the fullness of the Gentiles come”, is that right? What does it mean “the fullness of the Gentiles”? When they have reached the end. When they come to “te” and “te” runs out. That’s the seventh note “te”. When they come to “te” and “te” runs out, “t” stands for the “cross”, believe it or not. “t” in that song stands for the cross, and “t” in the Jewish alphabet is the last letter of the alphabet. And it was a sign of death. And right now, you follow their, their habit that they gave to the Gentile of putting a “t” over the grave, is the last tau, the last letter of the Jewish alphabet, means you will come to your end.

And it also is the last note of the scale, do, ra, me, fa, so, la, te, then you come to “do” again, and you begin a whole new scale again. And don’t forget, they drink it with jam and bread. It is not the main supper, it is something that will do until they finish the Gentiles off, then they are not going to have “te” anymore, they are going to have “doe”. And venison is a little more filling and nourishing than jam and bread. Again, let us go back to the Bible where Jesus points the finger at the Pharisees. He said, “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees.” And the interpretation is given so that you don’t have to guess. It says that he meant, “Beware of the doctrine of the Pharisees.” So “leaven” means “doctrine, teaching”, right? Teaching. What is the common word for “leaven”? Yeast. Yeast. You put yeast in bread when you make it. What is the purpose of the yeast. To make it rise. You want more bread. It makes it bigger, it increases the volume. That right? And even improves the taste. Improves the texture and it improves the taste. For what? For the tongue and the mouth, the physical taste. It improves the feel. It even feels better. It is better for the five senses. Isn’t it?

But, where does the leaven come from? From the animal’s stomach, that’s where they used to get it, but now they have a lot of other ways of getting it. The yeast used to come from the animal’s stomach. You see? And then they put the animal germ in a plant germ–they take and put into a different life, a life, something that is different. Thy put into plant life, wheat is plant life. They take animal germ and put it in plant life to make the plant life rise. You understand. Alright. We can’t go over all of it because time won’t let us, but I am hitting it good enough for you if you want it.

He said, “be careful of the leaven of the Pharisees”. And it also says that a “certain woman put leaven in three measures of meal until it all became leaven.” And again the Scripture says a certain beast was seen “holding three ribs of a man in his mouth”. All of these things are talking about the same thing. The total capture of your being, body, mind, and spirit. The leaven here refers to two things. He said, “be aware of the leaven of the Pharisees”. That indicates to us that there is another leaven. Is that right? If he said, “be aware of the leaven of the Pharisees, that is a clear hint that there is another leaven. The two big parties in the rule were the Pharisees and the Sadducees. Is that right? The Pharisees were those people who believe in sticking right strictly to the letter of the Scripture. Whatever it said, the letter said, that’s it. They will not accept any interpretation. That’s the Pharisees. Is that right.

Now, don’t you find those same people in the Church today? You try to tell them the Chief Imam said so and so. “The Bible is true just like it is. You ain’t suppose to change it. It is true just like it is, word for word, letter for letter.” Dumb sucker. And the book said you are a “dumb sucker”. It says Christ will come into the city, victoriously riding on you asses. That’s what the Book says. Not Christ. The Anti-Christ. The one who substituted the Christ and put himself in his place. And the scheme is all the way back in Genesis. Jacob went out of his home and away from his family to another distant relative and there he saw a woman that he wanted. Taking sheep to be watered at a certain well. He desired here for a wife. He went with her to the well. Pulled a stone off the mouth of the well so she could water the sheep. And then the book says, “And he put it back in his place.” And stupid preachers read that and they never see that it doesn’t go right. If it was a stone, it should say, “And he put it back in its place”.

But it says, “He put it back in his place.” “Stone” stands for principle, or worship, faith, stands for faith or principle. So he moved the original faith that was controlling or protecting the water of human spirituality that should be fed to the poor sheep-type people, and he put his own, he put the stone back in his place, he substituted that original religion for his own trick. That is what it means. That is in Genesis.

And the same thing happened with the Christ crucifixion. And the Holy Qur’an tells us, and Allah(SAW) revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the Universal Messenger of G-d, he said, “They did not kill Jesus, nor did they crucify him. But it was made to appear that way to them.” That means that they gave a resemblance that was so convincing that the people thought that is was Jesus. So they substituted something for the real Jesus.

You see now why they don’t want Negroes to be Muslims.. You see how come now when they saw that this Bilalian, Black community of America wanted separation, that they were happy to see you follow Elijah Muhammad, because Elijah Muhammad wasn’t teaching you the true teachings of the Qur’an. He wasn’t giving you the true interpretation. So they wanted you to go into a false Islam so you would never come to the real Islam. You see how it is so important for them to invent any false religion for you to go into to keep you from going into the real religion. Now if you follow them, you should be given any punishment. Any punishment, no punishment will be too cruel for you.

It says that the time would come when the truth would be so plain that even a fool will recognize it. It says, “Every eye”, meaning the dumbest person would be able to see the truth. And, I am telling you that if any of you here sitting before me with your own ears, if you are not deaf mutes, if you hear what I am saying, you see what I am saying, and your conscience is telling you to change and leave that life you have been living. If you don’t follow what you are being given, G-d is going to treat you as you should be treated. You will become one of the company of the devil, and He (G-d) is going to treat you like one of them.

So he said, “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees”, and these Pharisees were the ones who set themselves up as law, protectors of the law, and they insisted upon a literal reading of the Scriptures, forbidden to interpreters. “Leaven” then in their doctrine is “false teachings”, “false teachings”. If you give the Word of G-d purely, only the good at heart will accept it. But if you fix it up and make it appeal to weak people, a whole lot of people will accept it. So you can take one flat piece of bread that doesn’t appeal to the taste of a whole lot of people and put a lie in it, and blow it up with a lot of false spirit, gas, that is what the yeast is, it makes gas, animal gas too you fill it up full of animal gas and you offer it to people that you have fired up to be animally inclined, and they like that doctrine. That’s the leaven of the Pharisees.

Now there is also the leaven of the Sadducees. And notice that at the end, they both end with “cees”. The Holy “cee”, a play on the eye, “cee”. What is their vision? What they offer you as direction for your eyes? Leaven, animal germ. They want to reduce you to animal nature. And G-d’s plan is to raise you from animal nature that is a good animal nature. The human being is born with a good animal nature. You’re born with animal nature, but its good. You’re not bad. There is passions in you of affection, love and beauty.

The child comes here beautiful, but the devil fires up that animal in you until he makes the animal a wild animal, an aggressive animal, a vicious animal, an animal of greed and lust until he makes you a devil. In fact he makes this priest class dogs, and call them dogs. Put a collar on their neck turned backwards, dog. Yea, you think that I am joking. I am not joking. Satan laughs at every thing that he does. He laughs at the victim of what he does. He put a collar on them and turn it backwards. Who wears a collar backwards? An animal. Human being wears his collar in the front. It fastens in the back so that a leash can be fastened to the collar.

Who are the Sadducees? The Sadducees are the party among them who don’t believe in anything but materialism. “Oh, it can’t be any people like that among the Jewish people. They are the people of scripture.” You haven’t been reading the Bible. The Sadducees are a party of the so-called Jews who didn’t believe in any life after death. Didn’t believe in no resurrection. They didn’t believe that anything works in the human life unless it come from something physical. That’s the Sadducees. Don’t believe it, study it for yourself. Study the Bible and study commentary on the Bible for yourself. Not from me, but from them and you will see that the Sadducees represent the materialistic minded people among the Jewish people in the Jewish government at that time, false government, Herod’s government. And the Pharisees represent those people who claim to be the priest class, but were false to the religion. That’s the Pharisee. Two classes.

Now look at your world and I will show you the Pharisees and the Sadducees. The so-called free world of Christians represent the Pharisees. The Red world of Communism represent the Sadducees. Ain’t nothing new. Communism is nothing new. The Sadducees were Communist people. They followed the Marxist philosophy. They believed that nothing is outside of materialism. That whatever exists, it must be found in materialism, nothing exists outside of materialism. And that the materialism is evolving itself to higher and higher expression. And the highest expression of materialism is the human being. This is the devil who refuse to have faith. “I don’t believe in anything but what I am made of.” That is the devil. Who refuse to have faith. The Communist world is not the devil, they are victims, they’re just a dupe, they’re victim of the devil. The real devil is the one who planned this thing thousands of years ago or more.

To complete your circumcision, you have to sacrifice bad manners and bad appetites, bad taste. Don’t be shaking your booty. Every time you shake your booty to the song ‘Shake Your Booty,’ you are just a puppet on the string doing the thing for the Jahcubite who is invisible behind the scene. He created the song and the dance. “Oh, it’s our dance.” You think you created the ‘bebop.’ You didn’t create no bebop. The Jahcubite created the bebop. Rhythm and Blues, you think you created it. Spirituals, that is what your songs were, spirituals. The Jahcubite influence brought spirituals out of the Church and made it rhythm and blues. You didn’t do it. They did it. They suggested and showed our people how they could make more money singing in the public rhythm and blues. Our people had the fear of G-d in their heart.

They didn’t want to come out of the Church and make a holy song a lust song. Look at the way we used to sing about Christ. “He is my light, he is my this, he is my that.” Now they say that about the lust, the lust, lust that they have for partner, for flesh. “Oh, baby, you are everything baby. Oh baby, you’re are my life baby. I can’t live without you baby. Have mercy baby, come save me baby.” The songs they were singing about Christ, they turned it to sing about the lust for the mate. Do you think that we did that. That ain’t in our nature. That was a trick of the Jahcubite. Plan to reduce us with the whole world. And now you’re out there shaking your booty. And you will do anything because you are horses with blind folders on.. You should sacrifice these bad manners.

Let us dignify the image of the African-American people in this country. Shouldn’t have just a few people respected among us. The world should respect us, not a Ralph Bunche or a Dr. Martin Luther King. They should respect all of us. But the majority of them do not respect all of us. When they come to this country, they think that we are savage. They think that we are primitive. They think that we are filthy. They think that we are criminal. They don’t want to come into our neighborhoods. They are afraid when we come around them. If you are filling up the downtown area, the intelligent cultural ones among them, they don’t want to come down there until you go. Why? Because the false ugly image has been painted of us and published all over the world. Yes! And do you help it when you do the funky dance. The worm, the shake the booty and all of the ignorant stupid stuff. I come to some of you all’s homes and I’m telling you, I can’t see how you live in those homes. The phonograph is turned up so high, the radio volume is up so high. The music is blasting so loud, I wonder how anybody can live in there. You are sick! Mentally sick. A mentally sane person don’t want no noise blasting in their house like that.

You have been gradually fed this, little bit at a time. How did they get you to accept that degree of it? The same way you get a person to accept a degree of anything. Smoking, dope, whatever, crime, you give it to them in small dose at a time and you keep increasing the doses. Who do the disc jockeys belong to? Most of the disc jockeys belong to the Jahcubite. The record industry, who do they belong to? Most of the record industry belongs to the Jahcubite. So the disc jockey, he plays it loud, and he tells you to play it loud. “Play it loud, play it loud, Black and proud.” Then they came out, it wasn’t loud enough.

They came out with what they call acid rock, with all of these electronic instruments that blast way up high, and then you come and you go to hear them and go to hear their performance, and they just blast it. So when you go back home, you want to hear it like you heard it. So you turn it up at home, blasting. The volume knocking the plaster off of the wall, and that stupid sucker there is just hypnotized by it. Dib, dib, dib, dib, dibble…… gone crazy. Gone stone crazy. And wonder how come you can’t think. If Einstein had been put under that, he would have been turned in a moron in about five years. Yea, five years of that and Einstein would be reduced to a moron. You should be a shame of yourself. You have to give up these manners that have been programmed for you by the Jahcubite. You have to give up your bad taste. You have to even give up taste for things that you think are good.

Hamburgers, hamburgers, hamburger. Why you call something made of beef, hamburger. Oh mister, are you saying we shouldn’t eat hamburgers? That’s right. You shouldn’t eat hamburgers. And when I finish, you’re going to understand what I mean. You shouldn’t eat hamburgers. Hamburger is ground beef, beef grinded, with a lot of fat of the animal. Alright? That’s the Jahcubites’ laugh on you again. “Yeah, they eat beef. We give them hamburger, that is their favorite beef. Favorite beef sandwich for the Gentiles, the western world, is hamburger. Beef with a lot of fat in it. What does beef stand for? Meat! What does meat stand for? Knowledge. The meat of the animal is the knowledge of the animal. What does the animal stand for? The cow! What does the cow stand for? Heavenly religion.

Go again back to Egypt and look at the sacred cow symbol in Egypt and you will find that it has a three figured symbol, all on its body standing for this Trinitarian doctrine that they didn’t invent. They just went to Egypt and dug up the thing and made it worse and gave it to us. And what does the scripture says? They were ordered to slay, say slaughter, the cow, the sacred cow, and they didn’t want to do it, but they did it anyway because they were ordered to do it. Is that right? Say that they did it, but didn’t have a mind to do it. This is in the Qur’an. They were ordered to slay the sacred cow. They did it, but they didn’t have the mind to do it. Meaning that the Jews, accepted Moses command to them that they stop believing in this Trinitarian doctrine that came out of ancient Egypt. They gave it up, but they didn’t want to do it, and as soon as Moses went away for a while, and when he came back, they were building the golden calf. Is that right? Said, “well if he don’t want us to have Trinitarian doctrine, we see that now that that’s weak, but what about the golden one.” I will explain them to you.

The Trinitarian doctrine is a doctrine that takes you out of this world, out of the material world, out of rational understanding up into a false spiritualism, a sky religion. Blue, deceptive. The sky is not blue. The higher you go up there, the more the blue gets back. You can never find the blue. The blue is a deception. It’s created by rays of light, and it’s a deception, and you never find it. It’s a deception. So, a sky religion is a religion that ignores community development and concentrates only on spiritual development. They teach you that the spiritual life is all. Say, “I can lose the whole world, but give me Jesus.” You remember that song. You can have the whole world, but give me Jesus. This is the sky religion. And you want to go, what, up in the sky. Ohhhh, over yonder “We have it bad now, but when we get over yonder,” Where? Up in the sky somewhere. That is where you are going to get all of your blessings, fulfillment of life. Is that right?

That ain’t nothing new. That is how the ancient wicked pharaohs controlled the masses, and the Jahcubite discovered it and used it on the world. When they discovered it, they liked it so much, they wanted it for themselves, but Moses commanded them that you have to give up this in order to follow me. He was a true Prophet of G- d. They did it, but they did it without desire in their heart to do it, and they ended up putting it on us didn’t they? They put it on us. But they only put it worse on us. We don’t even have a knowledge of the thing.

So we have knowledge, represented in the meat of the cow. New Testament says, “Milk is for babes. Meat is for those who have rational knowledge. Men of wisdom”. This is the teaching of the New Testament. So meat is a symbol that represents higher knowledge. The meat of the cow means higher knowledge of human spiritual aspirations. Spiritual aspirations that sends us going up and up and up, looking for answers until we get up in the sky, and a lot of us don’t know how to come back down. But Jahcubite, he found a way back down. The Book says that Jacob had a vision of a ladder, and he saw it going up into heaven. And he saw angels going up and coming down.

Cow religion. Milk for the masses, meat for the deceivers. Dung for the degenerate. Fat for the duped intellectuals. They give them the fat of the cow. The oil, the fat, you know it burns, it makes a light you see, but animal fat also has a smell. It is not like plant fat. The olive oil and everything, you can keep it a long time. Stay for a long time. But animal fat get ranked very fast, right, yeah. Fat means in this context, light of knowledge you see. Oil for the lamp. You’ve probably heard that expression. They give that fat of the cow to the so-called intellectuals, we call cardinals, bishops, big ministers in the church. And they give hamburgers to all of us. That’s a little, little knowledge of that religion scattered about in it, and a whole lot of fat. Whole lot of fat. Animal fat. Knowledge that lighten the path of the animal for you. They call it hamburger. See ham is forbidden to the Jew, so they say hamburger to let the Jewish people know this is not for us. As a symbol, it is not for us. It’s for the other than us. You see.

Then they give you hot dog right? And they put both of them between buns. Is that right? And what do they call buns also? You know. I don’t have to say it. Your buns. And if you look at the hamburger, doesn’t look like the buns. Turn it and look at the meat, and look at the hamburger sideways, it looks like the bun, and they call it bun. That’s what they telling you, “here, eat a booty”. They’ve got to get their thrill. This is how they get their satisfaction. They can’t tell you who they are. They can’t tell you their masterful plan. They can’t show you what geniuses they are. They can’t reveal their secret. So how do they get their satisfaction? By laughing at your ignorance. That’s how they get their satisfaction. So you shouldn’t eat hamburger should you? You shouldn’t eat the hamburger in its reality. It is ok if you eat the hamburger, but don’t eat that hamburger I just showed you.

Come to the hotdog, you shouldn’t eat the hotdog at all. They haven’t made a hotdog fit for human consumption. Period. It ain’t no good any kind of way. But let’s look at this hot dog now. They make something they call the hot dog. They put it in a skin. Now they have a modern way, they put it in plastic, they cook it in plastic. And what do they call plastic? If I say, you are plastic, or your story is plastic. You know what it means. So they put it in plastic and they cook it. When they put it in, it’s not red, but under the heat, it becomes red like the nose of Rudolph the red nose reindeer. When it comes out its red. Means heated it up with animal passion.

And it looks like a penis of an animal, not a human penis. It looks like the penis of an animal. The penis of some animals are red like that. So that’s what you’re eating, but you have to have some mustard on it. And then some pickle or pickle relish. Pickle is a green one and it has something dead in it, vinegar. Vinegar is dead wine. Do you know that? Vinegar is dead wine. When the wine dies, it becomes vinegar. And they say that before Jesus died, they put a cloth with vinegar on it to his nose. Say then he gave up the ghost. He couldn’t live any longer.

So you have to understand what these things mean in their scheme in their symbolic scheme that runs from Genesis to Revelation. So they give you hot dog with pickles, meaning that if you got a naturally growing, creative urge, creative life, then they are going to kill it because they put vinegar in it. They put dead spirit in it, dead religion in it. If you don’t have a pickle with dead religion in it, you have a hot dog. You are all filled up with animal lust. That’s what they are telling you, believe it or not. And the mustard is yellow isn’t it? And they put artificial coloring in it to get it real yellow.

That shows you that it has to be yellow. It has to fit the pattern. It has to fit perfect. So they have to make it real yellow. There’s other kinds of mustard you can get that’s not real yellow like that. But that’s special mustard. The common mustard is a yellow one. And you put it on the hot dog. And what they say, cut the mustard, he can’t cut the mustard. He can’t cut the mustard. They telling you what they doing and you can’t see it.

Can you love a people like that? Who play with your mind like that. Who laugh at your intelligence like that. Laugh at the miserable state that they’ve reduced you to. Can you love those people? Give you a hot dog.., well I don’t believe that Brother Imam. If you don’t, Allah(SAW) is going to put something on you from now on. Cause you’re not disbelieving it from your conscious, you’re disbelieving it because you want to follow a lie! You’re weak for a lie, that’s the only reason why you disbelieve it. Or you just resent that I’m the one telling you.

For the lightweight events, they give you hotdogs, popcorn, peanuts, crackerjacks. This is the food for the lightweight events. Right? When you go to the three ring circus, most likely, you’ll get hotdogs, or peanuts, or popcorn, crackerjacks, stuff like that. The three ring circus is your Christian religion. That’s the three ring circus. You think I’m joking?

The tricycle for the little kids. That’s your Christianity. The big wheel in the front is the holy ghost. It’s the big one, if you ain’t got the holy ghost, then you can’t have Jesus and the father. But once you get the holy ghost, then you got the other two. But the one you need for the power, is the holy ghost. That’s the big wheel in the front of the tricycle. Yes. Did you design the tricycle? You think the gentile designed the tricycle? It was suggested to them! By the Jahcubites.

Because they have to have their world full of the signs of their victory and superiority over the Gentiles. So they can tell their children that’s going to inherit this knowledge. See look everywhere you’ll see our presence. Therefore, their children never leave them. Don’t you know the Jewish people have been sticking together for now two thousand years and who knows how many more years? They never break up, they stick together. Some of them break away. But they always manage to keep a great number of them together. They don’t care what happens. They stay together. Why, because they see the convincing proof, that their people, though they are small are ruling the world.

They tell them, look at the tricycle, look at the hotdog, look at the popcorn, look at everything. Look at these movies that’s coming out. Son do you see what we’re saying, about these people that think they have the world? An the son look at it and he keeps the secret in his mind, say we got the world.

The corn is a symbol in scripture too. It represents knowledge too. Because the corn originally was not called yellow, it was called golden. Yellow is weak knowledge. Gold is wisdom. Gold stands for wisdom. Yellow stands for weak knowledge. Diluted. The popcorn, explains what they have done to the soul of this world. The soul is given the term white. Meaning that the original nature of the soul is innocent. The human soul is born innocent. It’s white. The soul is the inmost part, so says their own description of the human soul, the inmost part of the being is his soul. They take the corn, and they pop it under heat and they put animal fat with it. And they feed the heat to it, get it real hot. And put it, lock it up so it can’t get out. That right?

The popcorn has in its kernel, even though it’s dry, a bit of moisture. And that bit of moisture under extreme heat, has to pop out. It has to come out. So you find steam, even though you pop popcorn dry, you wonder where the water came from. Is that right? You pop the corn, it’s dry corn. But water comes out too. Because it holds it, it seals the moisture in, the corn kernel. You pop it and there it comes, it pops out. When the popcorn pops out, what color is it? White on the outside. Soul on the outside. Where the knowledge went? Where the color went? Look at the popcorn, the color is on the inside. So they turn you wrong side out, they reverse you, they make you soul people. You’re just all soul, and no sense. The soul that G-d put inside to be brought out, is now on the outside with no knowledge.  And the knowledge, that’s supposed to be outside protecting the soul, is now on the inside and the soul is exposed. That’s your popcorn.

Now look at your cracker jacks. Cracker jacks is even a worse thing to do. Takes the soul and pop it on the outside, and then, instead of putting salt on it. Salt cures, the leprosy of the false form. It’s a healing element. So instead of putting salt on it, put candy on it. Makes the diseased form of your, of your spiritually or of your soul nature, taste sweet to you. Candy coat it.

“Cracker Jacks”. Jack is a derivative of Jahcub, Jake. Jahcub. Cracker is a mockery that they play on the southern man, crackerjack. Hasn’t the southern man been more spiritual in the church than anybody else. This is the Jahcubite laugh he plays on him. “You ain’t nothing but crackerjacks.”


Imam Warith Deen Mohammed – Circumcision of The Mind

Chicago, Illinois – November 26, 1978