You Must Understand What You Accept

ImamMohammed I always wanted to understand what I accepted.  I said to myself as a child, “A man a god?  How did he get here? 

He was born a baby like everybody else?  He poopooed on himself?  He let water out on himself?  He cried for someone to feed him?  He had to wait for someone to come and wash him up? 

Is that god?”

I said, “Good G-d Almighty!”  As my Grandfather would say, “Great balls of fire!  That is surprising.”

That is disrespecting G-d, to say that He came here as a baby, poopooing on Himself and waiting on mommie to give him some milk.

I am not saying something I shouldn’t be saying and shaking up the world of something that it put together.  Not now.

If you notice, those things that use to suggest superstitions and spookism, this modern world of global connections put all of those things out of sight.  You can hardly find it.

It used to be all over our neighborhoods, and almost all of my friends who were Christians had something in their homes to spook somebody up.

But it is all being pulled back and done away with.

    • Imam W. Deen Mohammed 05-04-08

3 comments to You Must Understand What You Accept

  • Bilal Yasin El-Amin


    I used to ask myself and preachers the same questions when I was a child.
    Thank G-d I got the answers when I got the Qur’an at age 33 and Imam Mohammed became the leader of the NOI.

  • Menelek Shah

    ASA, with all due repect to te Imam and his followers Master Fard Muhammad is Allah, and he is not Muhammad Abdullah or Abdullah Muhammad. yet and still The Imam did a great work and i respect it

  • Jihad Abdus-Salaam

    As a child I also had big problems accepting the idea of a physical god, a man-god, or god incarnate. When I was introduced to Al-Islam at age 23, I was so relieved that I wasn’t the only one with my understanding of the nature of G-d. Namely that He is Eternal, Absolute. He does not give birth, nor was he born, and there is nothing comparable to Him! I knew it as a child before ever knowing there was a Qur’an or Islam, but I felt all alone in my knowing. Learning about Islam was a true homecoming for my soul.

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