The Law Protects Freedom of Religion

Demand the same presence and respect that they give Christians.

The law of this country protects our freedom of religion the same as it protects the Christians’ freedom of religion.

There is nothing on the law books to say freedom of religion in this country is freedom for IWDM-LectureChristianity.

It’s freedom for religion.

And whether you have the courage to take advantage of your rights or not, you have the same freedom to be a Muslim in this country, as Christians have to be Christians in this country.

And I, for one, tell them.

And they know that I am determined not to back up.

I don’t back up from anybody.

My religion is legit.

My values are excellent.

My religious ideas are pure.

My religious aspirations are honorable.

And you should be the same way.

Don’t back up from anybody.

In concluding this, I say again, that what we’ve done is sensitized the audience, to accept the changes that have come about, and first of all, a change within ourselves, to be upright, honest and well-meaning, and the excellent creature that G_d made us. To accept responsibility and to accept authority. Don’t wait for the world to come and rescue you. Do what you’re supposed to do. Do what G_d created you to do. Get up and prepare yourself to rescue the world.


Imam W. Deen Mohammed 

1986-12-13  Gary, Indiana

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  • Zaid Muhammad

    ASA, very enlighten messages. Thanks for posting this info from Imam Mohammed. May Allah bless you with more success in your effort.

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