The 1st shall be last. The last shall be 1st (video)

ImamWDMohammedfp If we all come to our true identity, see that’s the first identity.  And that’s the most important identity.  And you know the Bible says, the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.  Now I can see that has be fulfilled in the world.  The first identity was us identifying as humans.  Humans.  Not as Africans and Asians and Europeans.  As humans. Not as black and white and red.  As humans.  Not as Americans and Chinese and…no.  As humans.  That’s the first identity.

And Bible says the first shall be last.  That first has become last.  We put our black skin before our human identity.  We put our American citizenship before our human identity.  We’re Americans.  We know that.  That’s first.  We’re Americans.

Oh I’m an African American.  I’m a Black American.  I’m Polish American.  I’m a Jewish American.  Or whatever.  We put these identities… and these identities have separated us from the original identity.

I said this a previous engagement I had this year and I will say it again here.

If you put your color, your ethnicity, or your race, or anything else on you as an identity, and you loose, get out of touch, if you loose the awareness that you are human first, those identities are going to fail you.  They are going to end up contributing to your deterioration.  Get you in serious trouble in time.

  • Imam W. Deen Mohammed – Separating Religion from Myth  02-22-04 Detroit, MI

4 comments to The 1st shall be last. The last shall be 1st (video)

  • Hameem

    The Mujjedid LIVES !

    • eugene m. crenshaw

      misah al mahdi came on the scene in october of 1933 and he unlocked the 7 hidden seals and he transformed a people out of mental darkness the theology of the then noi into the light of true islam
      he was not only my leader and teacher and beloved imam but he was also one i will always consider my dear friend and yes i 100% agree with you my brother in the faith the mujedid of mujedids lives forever as salaam u alaikum peace be unto you

  • jaleel shakir


  • Fuad

    hope people get the main point about our human identity first and lets spread this message

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