Stop The Violence!

” In our roots is respect for those things that should be
respected.  And don’t follow the spirit of the bad part of the
world, or the bad section of the world, or the bad people of
the world.

Follow the good spirit.  Care about yourself enough to protect
yourself from death.

If you let your morals be changed, if you let the way you see
right and wrong be changed, and you don’t care any more about
right and wrong, you are letting a killer kill you.

The killer is the bad influence in your society.

Fight these things.

If you don’t have respect for religion
anymore, at least have respect for the demands your moral life
has on you.  Don’t you know, if you don’t follow the best
advice for you own good life, forces inside your body will
help you to get rid of you.

(Imam W. Deen Mohammed 07-23-05)

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