Religion Must Be Free For G’d

knowledgeofcreationfp Allah(SWT) says to Muhammad(PBUH).. (Muhammad) he did not like to fight.  He was a peaceful man.  He took abuses just as the story goes of Jesus Christ.  He took terrible abuses before he had any spirit to fight.  In fact, he never had on his own the spirit to go to physical war.  G-d had to tell him to do that.  G-d said, “Now return the attack.  Attack those who have been attacking you. Fight them back.”  G-d had to tell him to do that.

And listen to these words very carefully.  Please.  I’ve said them to you many times before.  G-d says, “Fight until no more persecution and religion is free for G-d.”  What is that saying to us?  When our enemy stops doing us wrong, we should stop fighting them.  That is what it says in the first instance.  But what it says in the  second instance is more important than even that.

It says:


When you don’t have religion correctly. Religion, it is not for G-d. It is for your oppressive rulers. It is for those oppressors. It is the tool in the grip of the oppressors and  they are using religion to keep you down. Keep you backwards. Keep you ignorant. Keep you confused where you  can’t come on the path of success in this world or even in the hereafter. That is what Allah(swt) is telling us.

This Quran is the mighty Book and you underestimate it.  The Imam getting up showing off his Arabic. Oh how you disrespect the value of the Quran.  Just want somebody hear you speak a few words in Arabic and you’re  satisfied. You have been stroked.  You had your apex.

I want to say something else.  I’m a rough man in nature. My nature is rough and refined.  I can’t lie.  I want to say something else to these stupid no good so-called leaders who just want to show off.  Cheapen their religion.

This religion is precious, too valuable for us to cheapen it the way we do.  And I’m going to  stay on your case.  I’m going to make it hot for you. Make it very difficult for you…

  • Imam W. Deen Mohammed – 2003 Ramadan Session

8 comments to Religion Must Be Free For G’d

  • ameenah

    Enter text right here!Thank you for allowing me to understand and to have knowledge and wisdom of W.D Mohammed.

  • Aaron Mohammed

    Enter text right here! i definitely agree with the Imam on the issue of the weak leadership of these imams in our association. Many of them still refuse to qualify themselves even after the imam has asked them repeately over the years to do so. How can you expect to claim legitemacy as muslim leaders in the islamic world, when many of us have been muslims over thirty and forty years and can't read the Qur'an in arabic. During his life time Imam Mohammed has said the imams need to study more manyn of them are not qualified to be leaders. AWAY WITH THE SLAVE MAKING IMAM.

  • Talut El-Amin

    I feel special and active having received a copy of your correspondence by email on May 11, 2009. As many of us have, I too have witness a great deal throughout the years, the ways and means as to how we operate as Muslims, in our businesses and efforts. Everything that Imam Mohammed did or said were lessons for us to go by. He also was very careful about how he arraigned language and his leadership; nothing was seemingly left out. While reading your correspondence, that of Imam Vernon, and others I’m compel to write to you about my position.
    I have resolved that our national leadership effects are not in line with the WILL of Imam Mohammed. For those whom are unknowledgeable, Imam Mohammed’s WILL could be derived by what he did or did not do AND what he said or did not say, during his life with us. I understood Imam Mohammed’s rationale about disbanding our national organization thereby, establishing each masjid as a liberated operating entity.

    • nashid

      I feel special and active having received a copy of your correspondence by email on May 11, 2009.

      ASA Talut:

      Thanks for posting a comment. But please tell me who you are referring to in your above quote.

  • nashid

    Peace unto you Sara. As indicated, this post is the commentary of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, verbatim. Allah's blessings on Imam Mohammed made him universal in his appeal.

    Thanks for coming by.

  • Omar Hameed

    As Salaam Alaikum Nashid:
    Just for my information, what is the source of this quote?

    • nashid

      Wa Alaikium As Salaam Omar:

      Hmmm. This is an oversight and from here on out I will correct this on all new posted excerpts. G’d Willing. It is a good question and I will have to revisit my archive to give you an answer. Please bear with me and I will edit this post by placing in it its origin and contact you as soon as I locate it.

  • Abdul

    Bismillaah ir Rahmaan ir Rahiim As salaamu alaykum. In reference to the above message by Imam W.D. Mohammed, it is a timly message especially for this wayward season. So-called leaders are sending youths into different parts of the world to commit unthinkable crimes, against Muslims, Christians, Druse, Aliwaits, etcetera. These ‘leaders’ want to decide who is, and is not Muslim. they should be put out to pasture immediately. Wa salaam. Abdul.

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