Qur’an in Arabic-Why?

“Arabic is a very natural language.

ImamMohammedSpeaking Believe me, the best of all expressions.  I’m using the term expressions now in the full context of culture.  Art.  Everything. Language, art, work, whatever.  The best of all expressions in the long run, are the expressions that stay true the original nature.  Those are the best expressions.  Expressions that stay true to the original nature.

This talk that I’m giving you is to introduce you to the study of the Qur’anic Arabic, to go into the Qur’an, to learn the Qur’an in Arabic.

Thinking that this Qur’an was just given in Arabic is not enough.

Says, why?  What was the reason.  What was the main reason for the Qur’an being in Arabic?

Some would say, “because Arabic is the best language”.

No.  Its because Muhammed was the best choice for the prophet.  Muhammed was the best choice and last prophet and he spoke Arabic.

So the Qur’an says, never did G_d send a messenger to a people speaking another language.”

What is the main reason for the Qur’an being in Arabic?

Excerpt from “Systems of Knowledge” – 1994 Islamic Convention(classroom session) – Washington, DC


10 comments to Qur’an in Arabic-Why?

  • M. Muhammad

    Imam W.D. Muhammad gave a very simple and insightful answer. Great job.

  • ronnie l brown jr

    what the Imam said makes a lot of natural sense if we start thinking & using some common sense and our intelligence.

  • Abdulhaleem Rasheed


    Imam W.D Mohammed has been blessed that when ever he spoke about the Qur’an it goes deeper into the soul of the believer more so than when other spoke. You are doing a excellent job.

  • Delacie Ummah

    We certainly benefit from The Imams common sense approach to scritture. His insightful explanation on culture best expressed naturaly is visionary for our Muslim artists to carefully consider. may Allah shower his blessings on our Imam,

  • Hajjah Yinka Sabree

    That is commom sense to me.

  • puuluu42

    As is always the case, The Imam takes very complex concepts and translate those concepts into pratical everyday knowledge for the common people

  • Steven Ahmed Kashif

    Imam Mohammed is very Blessed by Allah and Allah Blesses all of us who hears him , a great example of that is his explanation of why Allah gave us the Quran in Arabic , because Muhammed The Prophet was the best choice. Please show me on this planet , who could give a wiser answer to that Question

  • darazz

    As usual, high but simple and clear wisdom from our beloved leader. Clearly Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)was the best choice for the final revelation. I thank Allah for His messenger and seal of the prophets and I thank Allah for Imam Warith D Mohammed.

  • Ekow Mensah Nuriddeen

    Imam WD Mohammed was chosen by Allah our LORD THE lord of all the creation. A word to a wise is enough.

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