Just Follow Islam

imamwdm10“All Americans, can appreciate and love you, if you just follow Islam.  Islam is not a religion out of date.  It is a religion that suits the modern needs of the most advanced society.  You just have to study it, appreciate it, and have the courage to represent it. Don’t think it’s Muslim to be an Odd Fellow.  It’s Muslim to be a human being, in human excellence.”

“That’s what Muslim is.  To be human in human excellence.  That’s the Muslim.”


Just Follow Islam

“The Legacy of Imam W. Deen Mohammed” – see BAITCAL

2 comments to Just Follow Islam

  • Benjamin Bilal

    YES!!! The term, “Muslim” is from the root “salima” which they say means “he submitted”. But submitted to what??? To the best in their human form! How do we know? Because the consonantal letters “seen,” “laam,” and “meem” mean “intellect,” teaching/learning” and “morals” respectively. This word represents an idea related to rational and moral activity in the mind and this is what makes one definitively “human”. Therefore, Imam Mohammed was absolutely right to equate the “true Muslim” with the “true human”. He stated emphatically that the two terms are synonomous. If the majority of the Muslim world were to adopt this pure definition and PROMOTE it at home and in the public, the image of Muslims would change almost overnight…
    Imam Benjamin Bilal

  • Delacie Ummah

    Thank Bilal, Very wise comment and a very interesting arabic connection Ummah

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