How We are Influenced by the World

imamwdm6 fp This world, with its bad influences, the corrupt world, the unconscious world or the Satanic world, is not out to help human life, but just to exploit human life.  To profit.  To make money at the risk of human life. 

That world reaches us with its influences and changes the way we think, firstly.  Then it changes the way you feel.  Because if the way you think changes, then you are open to feel differently too.

First it changes the way we think, and then it changes the way we feel, and then it changes the way we behave.  When the thinking changes, it is expressed in the language. The talk changes.  I don’t know how this world managed to be so quick.

I read in the Bible, where it says, “One beast has eyes all over it.”  I took that to mean spies.

That bad society beast has spies everywhere mixed among them, to let it know what was happening. What the mood changes were. What the trends were or what do you see developing.

They will find a youngster walking down the street, who has gone off from the norm and left the old behavior.

He will be indicating that he has a different spirit in him and a different behavior.

He will be wearing his clothes hanging off his butt.

So they say, “There are a lot of them out there like him or ready to be like him.  So let’s put him on TV.  And we are going to sell a lot of baggy clothes hanging off the butt.”

Although, I (do)believe (that)there are some good conscious ones out there, who are going around with their clothes hanging off their butts.

That tells the world that cares about money more than anything, the commercial mind in the world, that you are one of their customers, potential or already customer.

Let us be conscious and fight the world that takes us down and support the world that lifts life up.

That is what we have to do.

  • Imam W.Deen Mohammed – 1st Sun Address – 01/01/06

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