G-D is Real: Allah is Regressing their Nature

G’d is real.

You can’t help it.

They can’t help it.

You aren’t going to change nothing.

AllCandidatesWhat I’m telling you is going to happen, whether you like me, or reject me, or follow me, it’s going to happen. Allah is already regressing their nature; just like they put us in circumstances to regress our nature that means to send it back, to make it weaker, and weaker, and dumber, and dumber; Allah is causing their nature to become weaker and dumber, weaker and dumber. They hardly have a fit person to offer for the presidency when these four years are up. – Imam W. Deen Mohammed (2003)

1 comment to G-D is Real: Allah is Regressing their Nature

  • Frederick Johnson

    As-Salaam Alaikum Let us not forget to continue to use the wise Diplomacy that Imam W Deen Mohammed Practiced and Demonstrated to His Community for so many years. Brother Frederick Chicago IL

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