Cain and Abel: In Adam

Cain: The first born in Adam his nature for industry

Bible – Genesis 4:1-2; The Birth of Cain and Abel

“And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord. And she again bares his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground.”

ImamMohammed When you read the Bible, the creation of Adam in Genesis, you see that Adam had his first son, Cain, not Abel. And Cain was an industrial man.

That is saying that the first nature of man, is the nature of industry, to want to work with the world, material world, because He made his father from the dust. Right?

So then his first child from his wife, his mate, gives them this man of the ground. And his offering to G_d, the Bible says, was an offering from the ground.

And the second brother, his offering was an offering from the wombs of the animals. He offered his new born sheep, his new animal.

So this is saying man is firstly materially oriented and engaged, (with) his curiosity, but later he becomes a shepherd.

Cain killed Abel meaning the industrial man killed the family man

Qur’an – The Table Spread 5:30; Cain killed Abel

“The (selfish) soul of the other led him to the murder of his brother: he murdered him and became (himself) one of the lost ones.”

Bible – Genesis 4:8; Cain killed Abel

And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him. And the Lord said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.

And the Bible says and the Quran up to this point the Quran and Bible are saying exactly the same thing just about. That the elder brother was jealous of his brother’s offering and he hit his brother in the head. He slew him. He killed him. He spilled his blood upon the ground.

So blood in the Bible is called life, it says “The life of the body is its blood.”

What is that saying under interpretation?

It is saying that the industrialist slew the family man, the leader of the human family. He slew him and put his life into the material development. Meaning he robbed his brother of his life and incorporated it in his material development.

Don’t you see that happening in the world? Where the precious interest for human life is exploited for material development, for business, for money.

Family most productive resource for business

The most productive resource for business and industry is family. You can respect family and get very rich appealing to family needs. Appealing to the household, the men, whatever, for labor or for work. The women too.

But also respecting that a family is your best motivator, your best customer for any business you want to go into.

But if you’re greedy and don’t have any respect for anything, G_d, family, or nothing, you will destroy the family for your own business interest and that’s what happens many times.

The family is destroyed for business interest.

So this is Cain. I’m showing you how to see this. These things are talking to realities then and now. They haven’t changed. These realities stay.

So Cain is this industrial man.

He went wrong.

Abel was wrong being in the field, and negligent of his own duties

Abel, he was a victim right? That tells us he went wrong too.

Scripture doesn’t say what Abel’s sin was but he went wrong too. If he hadn’t gone wrong too, what is he doing standing out there in the field with Cain?

He’s a shepherd. He wasn’t supposed to be in the field with Cain where Cain works. If he was he should have been telling Cain what’s going wrong here, or (telling Cain to) remember the family interest. But it just says, he was there.

Meaning he was there too. (And) negligent of his own duties. Of his own responsibilities. He was there. Negligent.

And his brother took advantage of his ignorance and his negligence and put his life blood into industry, into material development.

Imam W. Deen Mohammed – Excerpt: Sisters meeting Chicago, Ill March 8, 2003

9 comments to Cain and Abel: In Adam

  • Hassan A. Shabazz

    This info is timeless. It is imperative that it be compiled and put together as a book. It is a must that we have Imam Mohammad’s Commentary and translation of the Holy Qur’an as well as his Bible commentary in the public domain now more than ever.

  • stephen drake

    The Imam is showing us how scripture is as timely then as it is now, and in the future. We must begin to look at scripture not so much as what happened, but what is happening today and tomorrow.

  • mu'min

    this is jibberish. it has not a single thing to do with Islam. In Islam, we dont use the bible as a reference as Islam has replaced it. Cain and Abel were humans,they are not metaphors for anything else. If i have a daughter i dont say she represents “this or that”,she’s my daughter,period. i came across this site by accident…if this is what you guys fall for, then i suggest reading the seerah of Prophet Muhammad (not elijah) and the Quran again.

    • nashid

      Greetings Mu’min:
      You are not alone. Mankind has declared many things he’s encountered in life as jibberish, only later having to admit he prematurely declared it such because G-d had not permitted him an understanding of it at that time.

      But, regardless of the level of understanding of a matter that any of us has, the Prophet’s seerah is crystal clear about his character and behaviour especially when it came to how he treated others. I bear witness, Muslims need to model the Prophet much much more.

      The genius that Allah blessed Imam Mohammed with is a direct consequence from his intense study of the Qu’ran and of the model man, Muhammed the Prophet. From his study of them, Imam Mohammed has loudly and without hesitation declared that the Qu’an is “the light” and “the life” for the world.
      But he also said:

      But how can I ignore the Bible, when Allah, our G-d, tells us that this Prophet of ours Muhammad is mentioned in the Torah and in the Injeel, that is, in the Old Testament and in the New Testament?

      G-d goes on to give a description of this Prophet. He says, “He is one coming to
      take all the yokes of bondage off of the people and to purify them.” G-d says
      our Prophet is in the Bible, so He has already directed me to go to the Bible,
      when He said that.

      G-d didn’t say, “He is in the Bible, but don’t look in there.” To tell me that
      Prophet Muhammad is in the Bible, G-d knows, it is telling me to go and see what
      He is talking about. And I did that and found the exact language in the Bible
      that is in the Qur’an on Muhammad the Prophet.

      Then G-d says also speaking of the Qur’an, “In the Qur’an are the Books that
      were revealed before in their corrected form.” So G-d is telling me that our
      Qur’an contains Books that were given to Jesus, Moses and Abraham.

      So we are really misguided, maybe intentionally, by the Satan. Maybe it is
      Satan’s intent to misguide us, in order to turn us against Christians and the
      Bible. Then it could be our ignorant leaders in our history who left the purity
      of Muhammad.

      They are envious and afraid that the Christian world may convert some of us, so
      they don’t have the faith that is strong like Muhammad’s faith and the faith of
      his early followers. They don’t have that strong faith. They wouldn’t send you
      to Ethiopia.”

    • 09-18-04, 1st Corinthian Baptist Church, N.Y.
    • In case you forgot what happened in Ethiopia, go here.

      For me the aforementioned depiction of “Cain and Abel” is another expression of the same story of Iblis’s temporary triumphant strategy trying to keep man from coming into the great destiny that Allah created mankind for. It is a strategy that tripped up our father Adam. It looked acceptable because of its rational appeal. The industrialist working the garden has to be objective in order to extract and utilize creation. Man’s destiny is not one as a servant to creation, rather, man’s destiny is to have creation be subservient to his social needs. Abel, representing man’s social needs, has allowed his spirit to become so materially oriented that he has become just another tool to be used up and disregarded by materialism. This social orientation contradicts the station of our father Ibraheem. And it most certainly was not the type of society built by Prophet Muhammed in Medina, peace be upon all the Prophets of G-d.

      G-d’s revelation is so rich in its meaning and so powerful in its reach that it obliterates the kindergarten, grade school, literal only, interpretation of its message.

      Mu’min, your right to reject that which you don’t understand will not be impeded in any way, shape, or form here. Imam Mohammed’s lessons are words for the scholar, martyr too, if Allah so wills.



  • Loving it,keep up the good work.

    MayG’d bless you in your efforts to educate.

  • Hakim Rahmaan

    Imam W. Deen Mohammed is the only one giving us and the World true Al- Islam.

  • Dawud Abdul-Haqq

    This is excellent work you have initiated. I am so grateful, and I pray that Allah continues to reward you and that your site becomes a center of learning. I noticed brother Mu’min’s comment, and more important your reply, (what a student of IWDM, what an example of good character) in your reply you exemplified that. I needed this lesson.

  • CWilson

    The insight of the human being has been slain by the over indulgence of materialism and the appropriate ayat is DEAF DUMB AND BLIND . Thus the resurrected Human being is that Human Being whose spiritual insight has been returned and the value of material is put back on track

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