Advice to America From a Muslim

The terrorists attack on 9-11 generated an insatiable demand for news reports and columns that fell quite short, in presenting an accurate portrait of Islam.

The public must be made aware of the best examples of sincerity in this religion and know it is to be for G-d’s purpose only.

This article presents several principles that address the notion that extremism is acceptable in Islam. When fairly considered, it is obvious, that Islam’s adherents have strayed away from the most profound principles of their faith.

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We Are Adam

Imam Warith Deen Mohammed pointed out to us that we are a “New People”. Since we are in fact a “New People” then we are Adam.

We are blessed to have a parallel with scripture. Scripture provides the knowledge of Adam’s Genesis. It also reveals to us that the path to his destiny is an enlightened discipline of education.

As “New People” we will do well if we consciously and on purpose follow, and educate ourselves and our future selves, to our scriptural parallels, begining with Adam.

It is from G-d’s words that any “New People” can draw to guarantee

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The Prophet’s Isra

“Allah can give us one thing to do that covers everything you need to do. That’s the prayer movement. Salat was taught to the Prophet by the angel Jabril as directed by Allah…”

“… Allah gave us a perfect book, a perfect example and he(Prophet Muhammed) worked out the calculus of the application of Islam in his lifetime. The book was complete in his lifetime. He read it, verified it, that is by the recitation, verified its correctness. Was present there and he built the city. He built Medina-Tul Munawwarra. It was the example of how society is supposed

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