Ka'abah The fifth and last Pillar of Al-Islam is that of Hajj, performing Pilgrimage to Makkah to visit the Ka’abah.  Pilgrimage must be performed at least once in the life of a Muslim who is physically and financially able.  The Pilgrimage and its significance are very important in the lives of Muslims.  Pilgrimage is not a new institution.  It is as old as the Ka’abah itself, which the Holy Qur’an calls the first House of Divine Worship appointed for humanity by Allah.

In obeying Allah, our Creator, we are respecting our relationship with everything in creation.  Al-Islam is a religion which brings us into agreement with the whole of creation.  When we come into Al-Islam, we come into a beautiful family, a family of servants obedient to The creator.  This is a great blessing that Allah has given us, a Revelation which shows us our true identity and which makes it possible for us to identify with all people, and to live together with others in peace, happiness and useful cooperation.

This is why the great day in the life of a Muslim is the day on Mt. Arafat, the ninth day during the month of Hajj.  That is the day when people of all different races and nationalities come together under Allah’s Mercy.

As Muslims, we believe all people share in one humanity.  The Pilgrimage symbolizes that and the struggle to bring it about.  The Pilgrimage is a coming together of people from all around the world, people who have been drawn together by their love for Allah and His Messenger.  Only Allah has the power to destroy racism and to unite all people under The Truth.  Until we can realize this kind of consciousness, we have not completely accepted the five fundamentals of Al-Islam.

    • Imam Warith Deen Mohammed – ‘Prayer and Al-Islam’

Huge Crowd during Hajj – Tawaf (2008)