Discussing Imam Mohammed’s Language


There are several Yahoo groups dedicated to studying the language of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

They all greatly vary in the style which they approach presenting Imam Mohammed’s ideas and concepts for discussion.

Here are four which I am associated with or have been associated with in the past.

The above pictures a compilation of forum posts in book form from the We are with Imam W Deen Mohammed Yahoo Group.  Special thanks to Dr. Mubaashir Uqdah, a very special forum member, and a hard worker for creating this.

2 comments to Discussing Imam Mohammed’s Language

  • Rahim Ra'd Abdul-Ala

    ASA——- May our Lord creator be with His servants,Allah says who will be his helpers,let us who believe and know
    our job is to set our actions toward the design we are created in by our creator an thank G-d for The Blessed Imam
    Warith Deen Mohammed for opening up many doors of entry.
    Your brother in Al-Islam—-Rahim R. Abdul-Ala

  • Rahim Ra'd Abdul-Ala

    ASA——–Imam W.D.Mohammed LAnguage is the langauge of Caller of humanity to faith in COnness of G-d
    and turning our lives back to the originate way that G-d design fot human creation to live
    ASA Rahim R. Abdul-Ala

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