The Prophet’s Isra

ImamFaheemAllah can give us one thing to do that covers everything you need to do.  That’s the prayer movement. Salat was taught to the Prophet by the angel Jabril as directed by Allah…”

“… Allah gave us a perfect book, a perfect example and he(Prophet Muhammed) worked out the calculus of the application of Islam in his lifetime.  The book was complete in his lifetime.  He read it, verified it, that is by the recitation, verified its correctness.  Was present there and he built the city.  He built Medina-Tul Munawwarra.  It was the example of how society is supposed to be established.

He gave the principle, he set the model, set the standard.

So you have the religion.  You have the living person.  You have the living model example, and then G-d concluded it.

You have no excuses.  And the way of life, Islam, perfected.  And the Prophet showed us everything we needed to know about how to live it, while he lived.

The same five pillars are in place.  Same beliefs are as they were when he lived.  No change.

… Every time Muslims come to prayer, the lesson is in front of us.  But if we have so sacralize the prayer, all we will ever see, and we don’t have guidance from a person like Imam Mohammed, all we see in it is, ‘I’m just suppose to do it.’”

  • Imam Faheem Shuaibe – ‘The Prophet’s Isra’ – A lecture based on Imam Warith Deen Mohammed’s Ramadan Session 2001

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