Minister Farrakhan: Thanks, but no thanks!

Imam Mikal Saahir fpWith Allah’s Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

To Minister Farrakhan: Thanks, but no thanks!

By Michael Saahir – Imam

December 13, 2008

24:27-29 O ye who believe! enter not houses other than your own, until ye have asked permission and saluted those in them: that is best for you, in order that ye may heed (what is seemly). If ye find no one in the house, enter not until permission is given to you: if ye are asked to go back, go back: that makes for greater purity for yourselves: and Allah knows well all that ye do. It is no fault on your part to enter houses not used for living in, which serve some (other) use for you: And Allah has knowledge of what ye reveal and what ye conceal.

As-Salaam Alaikum! After reading twice the Muslim Journal interview that was conducted by Sultan Muhammad with Minister Louis Farrakhan I have come to the conclusion: Minister Farrakhan; thanks but no thanks!

Frankly, I find the interview quite offensive, often times repulsive. Your words spoken as if we, the students (community) of Imam W. Deen Mohammed are leaderless. As long as we have Imam Warith Ud-Din Mohammed in our hearts, minds and souls we will NEVER be leaderless.

Since the passing of Imam Mohammed other leading figures in the African American Islamic experience have made outright overtures that NOW we should try to get together as one united Muslim community. This smacks that Imam Mohammed was the hindrance to previous attempts of Muslim unity.

Minister Farrakhan it is offensive when you (and other leading figures) invite us to unity, but in the process you position yourself as the only one capable to lead. One brother, since the passing of Imam Mohammed invited all African American Muslims to unite, but only after identifying himself as one of the four Islamic African American scholars. You, Minister Farrakhan invite us to “unity” after identifying yourself as the one to bring about a “synthesis” of the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the teachings of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. I beg to differ.

You described the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as a “thesis,” which means “a position or proposition that a person (as a candidate for scholastic honors) advances and offers to maintain by argument b: a proposition to be proved or one advanced without proof.” Then you describe Imam Mohammed’s teachings as an antithesis, which means “the rhetorical contrast of ideas by means of parallel arrangements of words, clauses, or sentences.” Antithesis we may say is an opposing viewpoint. Then you have the audacity after all of these years to position yourself as the one to bring into existence a synthesis of these two great leaders. Webster says that a synthesis is, “deductive reasoning b: the dialectic combination of thesis and antithesis into a higher stage of truth.” Minister Farrakhan are you suggesting that you have a higher truth than that of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Imam W.D. Mohammed?

Imam W. Deen Mohammed has already synthesized the message of his father with his message. The understanding of the students of Imam W.D. Mohammed is that the seventh child of Elijah and Clara, as promised by Mr. W.D. Fard was the synthesis and continuity of Fard’s and Elijah’s work. We all have been told repeatedly of the name on the door that was written on the wall, “Wallace D.”

Min. Farrakhan, with all due respect, Sir you do not qualify to give us a synthesis. Even your own words spoken in January of 1975 testify to this fact.

“Messenger Muhammad told me personally. I don’t know who was around to witness. I can witness for myself – and the truth is a witness of itself. The Messenger told me, and I don’t want you to think in any way other than the way I’m saying it. He said that when the germ left him that was to be the base of this man (Minister Wallace), he said, “The Saviour was in that germ.” And while he was being formed in his blessed mother’s womb the Saviour told the Messenger to name him after himself. The Saviour told him to ‘name him Wallace D. Muhammad.’”

While I reflect upon these words that came, unsolicited from your mouth it amazes me that during your interview in Muslim Journal you still managed to say, “and he assumed leadership of the Nation of Islam.” Allah forgive us all for our sins. You want us to accept that you give a synthesis of Imam Mohammed’s life, leadership and legacy while you still use language such as “he assumed leadership.” Language that tells us that you still have difficulty accepting Allah’s Will and the believer’s will that Imam W. Deen Mohammed is the sole heir to his father, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

The thesis, antithesis and synthesis have already been done. We do not want or need another version. Allah guided Imam W. Deen Mohammed to accomplish the synthesis many years ago. And praise be to Allah that through his mercy He deposited the synthesis that was developed by Imam W.D. Mohammed deeply into our souls – the souls of the students of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

You claim that you understand Imam Mohammed’s teachings… I doubt that you are able because of time and distance, and because of a lack of your humility – the ability to submit as a student. Imam Mohammed gave us, his students endless hours of teachings on Islam, his father and Mr. Fard Muhammad. He took our minds on journeys into the Word of G_d; journeys that you chose not join in on. You can’t synthesis that which you have not interacted or had a spiritual or mental intercourse with.

At a December 12, 2004 Imam’s Class our beloved Imam Mohammed shared a special moment he had with his father. He told us, “My father said to me that if he changed what he was telling the people, the people would say that what he was saying before was not correct. He said, “Son, I am not to correct what I am saying.” He was telling me it was in my hands. I had not established myself in his image. You don’t know how it feels to stray from your father and undo his teachings and know that my father would be comfortable with me. My father would finish his dinner and then relax. He would just carry on the conversation. He invited me to sit with him. He said to me, “Something must be after this”! I was not confrontational with my father. “You can have it all.” He told me these things and it was a mercy not to have me feeling that my father was hating me for what I was doing. He loved what I was doing. He said, “Clara, my son has got it. My son can go anywhere he wants to preach.” He said, “Preach that gospel.” I had no gospel. Most of the officials were there when my father made those statements. When my father passed, the national staff was already supporting me. I was tearing down the place. I had to tear it down in order to build it up again. I knew where I was going and I knew the true believers would appreciate it.”

I began this writing with a quote from the Holy Qur’an that read in part, “O ye who believe! enter not houses other than your own, until ye have asked permission and saluted those in them: that is best for you, in order that ye may heed (what is seemly). If ye find no one in the house, enter not until permission is given to you: if ye are asked to go back, go back: that makes for greater purity for yourselves: and Allah knows well all that ye do.”

I can’t speak for all of the students of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, but my reply to your knocking on our door is that you go back. Please go back until we ask you to come back for a visit. I will try to explain why – at this time – you must go back.

When coming as a guest, a visitor we first knock. The knock is our way of seeking permission to enter. And we wait, patiently for the household to invite us in. Once we’re allowed in we don’t begin suggesting how the household affairs should or could be conducted. An intelligent guest remains as a guest who knows, without being asked, when it is time to leave.

It is improper to make overtures to Imam Mohammed’s community. We’re not a lonely widow (community) looking for a man (leadership). Our “marriage” to Imam W. Deen Mohammed/ Warith Ud-Din Mohammed was not only physical, more importantly (and longer lasting) our “marriage” to him was mental and spiritual.

Minister Farrakhan there are other important religious (theological) concerns that need reconciling between our two communities before we can even begin to consider any real coming together to build the model Islamic communities that Imam Mohammed worked diligently for. We, as students of Imam W. Deen Mohammed have made a clear, public, unrelenting and unadulterated declaration that Allah alone is G_d, our Creator and Sustainer; a declaration that includes that Prophet Muhammed from Arabia is G_d’s Messenger and our leader, prayers and peace be upon him.

There exists too much ambiguity on your Nation of Islam’s stance on Mr. W. D. Fard. The Holy Qur’an is clear as stated in Sura (chapter) 112: Ayats (verses) 1-4 that reads, “Say: He is Allah, the One and Only; Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him.”

Minister Farrakhan Mr. W. D. Fard was “Begotten” according to record in 1877. His father’s name was Alphonso and his mother’s name was Baby-G.

Your media arm The Final Call and your website:… still promote the un-Islamic belief that G-d morphed Himself into a man. In the December 16, 2008 issue of The Final Call and also on NOI website: under the heading “What the Muslims want”- point No. 12 that currently states “WE BELIEVE that Allah (God) appeared in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammad, July, 1930; the long-awaited "Messiah" of the Christians and the "Mahdi" of the Muslims.”

The Holy Qur’an, the book that you said is your guidance says in Sura 3: Ayat 64; reads, Say: ‘O People of the Book! come to common terms as between us and you: That we worship none but Allah; that we associate no partners with him; that we erect not, from among ourselves, lords and patrons other than Allah." If then they turn back, say ye: "Bear witness that we (at least) are Muslims (bowing to Allah’s Will).

In Imam Mohammed’s synthesizing of the Nation of Islam’s teachings he recognized that his father had died, passed away on February 25, 1975. Allah says that EVERY human being will experience death. Min. Farrakhan, I have never heard you say, “The Hon. Elijah Muhammad has passed away. You mentioned that your brother, uncle and Imam Mohammed and his brother Jabir (Herbert) “passed” away. You even mentioned the “passing” of your beloved mother. But never do you say “the passing or the death of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad” You always say, “When he departed,” as if he is mysteriously going to return, or that he escaped death – Allah’s promise to us all.

Even as Muslims, we readily recognize that Prophet Muhammed, prayers and peace be on him, died. In Sura 3: Ayat 144 it is made plain to us that prophets and messengers physically die and that it is Allah alone Who never dies.

In the same issue of Muslim Journal (December 19, 2008 issue) that published the first installment of your interview with Sultan Muhammad there was an excellent article (on page 9) by Imam F.B. Rasheed, a student of Imam W. D. Mohammed After reading Imam Rasheed’s article my thoughts were, “Now this is the article that should have received the honor of front page and center-fold coverage in Muslim Journal. This I truly believe because Imam Rasheed’s words, however brief, are true to the mission left with us by our Imam, the honorable W. Deen Mohammed.

The wisdom of Imam W. Deen Mohammed blessed us with a decentralized community. You choose to operate differently. Imam Mohammed successfully worked to remove the ideal of “royal family,” while you went and reinstituted this burdensome concept. Imam Mohammed said in plain words, “There is no royal family.”

Monarchs in many countries that are highly populated with Muslims are so often societies that are hampered when it comes to education, and human and civil rights. Prophet Muhammed, prayers and peace be upon him never established or accepted the royal family concept.

Minister Farrakhan your attachment to centralization and to “royal family” is yet another (of many) indicators of the dichotomy that exist between the community in association with the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed and the Nation of Islam that you lead. You state that you understand Imam Mohammed’s “mission from Allah.” You may not realize how much time and distance has removed you from knowing what we his students know.

Again, no disrespect to the great work you have done with your community, but with all humility I say, with no hesitation, don’t be surprised if you, Minister Farrakhan may have to sit under the feet of some of Imam Mohammed’s students before you may qualify to approach us in the manner that you are trying to pursue in this interview. Imam Mohammed has taught his students well, very well.

Minister Farrakhan, in my conclusion there is much more that I could say on this matter. Believe me, much more! Your interview in Muslim Journal contains many points of contention that is causing consternation within Imam Mohammed’s community. Let it suffice to say that at this time let the community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed work our way through this period of adjustment, without any outside voices interfering. Thanks, but no thanks!

I send this to you in peace. From your brother, Michael “Mikal” Saahir – Indianapolis, IN

“Mikal” Saahir is the resident Imam of The Nur-Allah Islamic Center, an Islamic community in association with the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, located in Indianapolis, IN.

19 comments to Minister Farrakhan: Thanks, but no thanks!

  • Mikal Luqman Hakeem

    I feel and believe that brother Imam Saahir beautifully expressed , how most of the followers of Imam W. Deen Mohammed perceive Minister Farrakhan. We have had the best leadership in Imam Mohammed. He have left us with profound insight into the religion of Al-Islam. May the peace and the blessings be upon him and all of his students.

  • mulazim mohammed

    Imam wallace deen mohammed has left the community with all that it needs to survive and to continue to acheive and excel, just practice sabr in these times, keep reading and studying the Qur'an, and applying the Imam's tafseer, you can't go wrong!!!! Put pressure on the local imams to apply the imam's teachings and keep his language alive. WE brothers and sisters who are not in the positions of leadership also are
    obligated to keep the Imam's language alive.

  • mikalohoh

    may Allah(SWT) continue to bless and guide the believers. Imam, your words seem to go directly to the point regarding the hon. min. farrakhan. i also respect his good intentions and only Allah truly knows his heart, let us be patient with each other.

  • Malikah Saleem

    With all due respect to you Imam Mikal Saahir, I do not you feel you are in a position to judge Minister Farrakhan because only Allah (SWT) knows his heart. I believe many of us in the Imam's community have become exceedingly arrogant towards our brothers and sisters in the Nation because we believe we know more Islam than them when they have been more consistent in taking Islam to the people in the streets than we have. That's the way of the Prophet (peace be upon him). We tend to keep the word to ourselves, so who is truly practicing?

    I am no way saying I agree with everything he said but I saw the interview with the Minister from another angle and I think you are overlooking how Allah (SWT) is orchestrating all of this at this moment in time.

    Let's humble ourselves more.

  • Brother Mustafaa

    Bismillah ir Rahman nir Rahim

    As-Salaam Alaikum

    I hope the members of the Nation of Islam see or hear the things the members of this Muslim community are saying and the attitude displayed.

    Minister Farrakhan has sincerely tried(publicly) particularly since 1998 to find some kind of operational unity with this community. However, that same love has not been shown back in many instances mainly from the followers and Imams. We are in a time where Muslim unity is a must at least for the basis of survival.

    As you say you can question the Nation regarding its teachings, I believe the same can be required of you concerning the hypocrisy of the now former members of the NOI and the Messenger. You don’t have to deny the Messenger to acknowledge Prophet Muhammad(pbuh). I love the Messenger and I love the prophet with no conflict.

    I leave you as I came praying for peace

    Brother Mustafaa

  • khaled

    Perhaps, the interview of Minister Farrakhan in Muslim Journal turns out to be not such a bad idea, at least we got to know early on where he's coming from and what his apparent intentions and designs are toward the community of Imam Muhammed's students. I, too, say, thanks, but no thanks to Minister Farrakhan's overtures at this time. He can keep working on it and come back with something straight and Islamically sound.

    Imam Saahir's comments are informed, direct, unapologetic, based on Qu'ran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), the expansive teachings and leadership of Imam W. D. Muhammed. Minister Farrakhan has remained two faced since 1975. We seek unity around truth, not lies, distortions, ego trips, delusions of grandeur, that so characterize so much of what Minster Farrakhan still promotes. As for the comment by the person that says Nation of Islam followers consistently take islam to the people in the street more so than the students of Imam W.D. Muhammed, you fail to realized that much of the teachings that those members of the Nation of Islam take to the street, are the same distortions, false god worship, lies that Minister Farrakhan continues to teach and print in the newspaper, The Final Call. "Minister Farrakhan, we have leadership, we don't need yours."
    I respect the members of the Nation of Islam, but, I still think that most of them are being victimizing by corrupt so-called- leaders, who knowingly distort Islam for selfish purposes.

  • Jihad Rasheed Shabazz


    Brother Khaled in his previous reply, makes an excellent point, at least in my opinion. How can NOI followers of Minister Farrakhan be credited for taking Al-Islam to the streets? I’m just referring to those NOI followers of Minister Farrakhan.

    The Final Call newspaper clearly promotes shirk when it speaks about what its followers believe on the back page. False worship of G_D and the multiple distortions of Al-Islam being taken to the streets is not the basis for survival for any Student of Imam W.D. Mohammed (RA).

    True unity for true muslims is “There is no g-d but Allah & Mohammed ibn Abdullah is His Apostle!

    When a man/woman takes the Shahadah, Master Fard Mohammed nor the Honorable Elijah Muhammed deserve any credit because they both were human-beings created by Allah (swt)

    • Samuel Saddiq

      To Khaled and Jihad R. Shabazz: I do honestly believe that Noble Drew Ali, Fard Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad do deserve the credit in being the Forerunners and Establishers who gave their lives in the foundation of Islam with the so-called African / Americans in the Americas. For the reason that God Almighty has raised them up for the mission. Without them, I strongly do believe that none of you Folks would be in the Faith and there were a lot of you who happened to be in the N.O.I. very deep when Elijah Muhammad was alive [also some of you were in other Islamic groups] and cleaned you up in so many ways. Now you all happen to be in Al-Islam after the transition from the N.O.I. [or others] want to discredit them…….

      (edited by nashid – Brother Saddiq wrote much, much more. But the vulgarity of his language makes me question any benefit derived from his Ph.D status)

      Samuel S. Saddiq, Ph.D. in Islamic Studies

  • Samuel Saddiq

    Well Nashid, if the so-called vulgarity of my language is offensive, then I strongly inform you that you ought to check out the issues that I’ve stated in my previous post before you altered it just to verify what’s real or not. Then make the judgement on which is more vulgar between the two factions of the following:

    1. The Addressor’s choice of words to convey the message.


    2. The very real life issues that I’ve talked about are so graphic and vulgar that are going on now that they’re more repugnant than what the Addressor has stated.

    Now the time has come for you to choose one or the other because things are real on the battlefield and I refuse to play games and be involved with the filth. Furthermore, I do believe that my words are so real that the ones who feel of what I’ve stated are offensive could be the very ones got hurt by my words for the reasons that they might be the individuals involved with the mess that they’re guilty with. Oh, is this what it could be the reason that my message is hitting too close at home? Probably so by the way things are looking by my perspective and I make no apologies for what I’ve stated. As for you questioning my Ph.D status, I honestly don’t care for the reason that I’ve seen a lot of Muslim Scholars speaking on a lot of “safe matters” which put the masses to sleep and don’t want the people to wake up to be living human beings. So what I’m doing is focusing on my own scholarship that’s going to be unique, authentic and organic so it’ll be very helpful to all people. This is real and I’m sticking with it.

    • nashid

      Greetings Dr Saddiq:

      Your Islamically sound positions on whatever issues you present are welcomed here.

      There is no requirement that your comments have to agree with anything posted on this blog, but in your case, well reasoned, scholarly language is required before your comments will be approved for sharing here.

      If the benefit from your Ph.D status to be shared with us is vulgar hyperbole, then:

      Thanks, but not thanks.


  • Samuel Saddiq

    Well now, Mr. Nashid. Is it the Pot calling the Kettle “black”? I really don’t want to do this but I got to set this mess straight right now. In your post on January 9, 2009 in dealing with the replies about Min. Farrakhan’s interview in the 2008 Muslim Journal, you were addressing Mr Lee X Slave with this snippet of your own words:

    “Allah alone is the Grantor of respite. It is His power only. Iblis requested respite from Allah to prove his worthiness to rule. Even though Iblis said: ‘Lord, the power to grant respite is Yours alone’.I know it is Allah’s power alone to grant that respite to Iblis. I know this”.

    “But I still curse his ass”.

    What?! These are your own words that you’ve composed in your reply and it would be crazy for you to deny them and the integrity of yours won’t hold much value with those who are observing the replies between myself and you if you choose to do so. If you want to look at vulgarity real close at work, you go ahead and look into Imam Saahir’s reply to Min. Farrakhan’s interview plus other Imams’ views which they are of that ilk including the rank and file Muslims who follow suit the same way. It’s quite interesting that some of the Supporters of Imam W.D. Mohammed were then / still are being abused by other Muslims and now they’ve become the Abusers of others. “Do you command righteouness upon the People but you neglect it yourselves… you not have any understanding”? Qur’aaan Ch.2 : V. 44

    It’s probably true that you be one of the Moderators of this Site or you be the only one doing this job here. And now you’re dictating to me about “Well reasoned, scholarly language is required before your comments be approved for sharing here”. What I’ve witnessed and observed 14 years of my Muslim life, I’ve seen a lot of abuse going on by some of the Imams putting on their Followers and they claimed that they’re Followers of Imam Mohammed. There was one Imam that I didn’t get along with and we nearly had a dogfight that we were going to do each other harm but God has prevented that from occuring. My former Imam who was taught by Imam Mohammed, he happened to be a Fake and a Fraud so I’ve left him. Another Imam who happened to be so arrrogant that he has abused other Muslim communities who are Imam Mohammed’s Supporters who don’t kowtow to his behind. Last year, he got kicked out of his position becuse he was abusive. The three men I’ve mentioned claimed to be Supporters of Imam Mohammed.

    As for my first post that you’ve edited, I had replied to your with my second one asking you that were my statements are true and exact and you haven’t answered them. However, I’m going to ask you this question here. Does my comment that I’ve posted up now have the truth and clarity that you’re going to acknowledge on how real it is or you’re going to alter it or discard it because it’s too strong? Regardless if you agree or not, I’ve made the strong impact on this reply board in the shortest time aloowed by God’s decree.

    S.S. Saddiq, Ph.D

    • nashid

      “Allah alone is the Grantor of respite. It is His power only. Iblis requested respite from Allah to prove his worthiness to rule. Even though Iblis said: ‘Lord, the power to grant respite is Yours alone’.I know it is Allah’s power alone to grant that respite to Iblis. I know this”.

      “But I still curse his ass”

      Greetings Dr Saddiq:

      Fine. You caught me cursing the accursed one. I don’t consider the language I used in cursing shaytan equivalent to profane language you used to disagree with your muslim brothers.

      You have carte blanche to curse shaytan on this site, but you will not be allowed to curse your muslim brothers.

      That is a moral judgement on my part and I stand by it.


  • Samuel Saddiq

    Actually, Mr. Nashid, I’ve didn’t caught you in the first place. What I’ve done is pointed out the source of reference of your utterance, that’s all. I’m going to be real honest with you. There were times in the past and present times that I’ve heard Imams used profanity when they’re doing their Sermons, Talks, etc. I’ve even heard Imam Mohammed said G-D, N-word and S-word in some of his talks. I’m not a nit picking person at all, but I’m just stating the facts. Also I believe in this rule here: “Don’t be the type of person who could only be good in dishing out the punishment, but being really poor in receiving it.” Trust me, I’ve endured a lot of things when people did foul mess to me and I didn’t cry out one bit. But when I started to blast on their monkey butts [I said “butts”], they start crying and they want to call the law on me….that’s foul.

    When some of the Muslims did some nasty crap to me and / or my former Community, I really got “nasty” with them telling about their crooked selves directly without hesitation. My former Imam got it real bad when he did those bad things and I’ve decided to leave because I was more than ready to hurt that man or worse! I only use profanity when I’m in a state of disgust, Anger, indignant and being provoked unjustly. One thing more, I didn’t curse these men in the first place. I only rebuked them in the strongest manner.

    S. Saddiq, Ph.D

    • nashid

      Bro Samuel:

      I’ve dished out no punishment, nor have I received any.

      Enlightened language is favored here.

      Crass and profane language is not welcomed.

      Peace unto you.

  • sterling abdkhaliq

    As salaam alaikum,I just like to remind us all that we are Muslims and that we all have one leader Prophet Muhammad of 1400yrs.ago.

  • Al Muhammad

    As-Salaam-Alaikum, I woke up this beautiful morning, the first of the New Year surfing for Islam related articles and ran across this article and the responses. I am a member of the NOI under the leadership of the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan. I have loved the NOI since a child and have been a member for over 30 years. I had to share this because I was so moved by the article and the comments and opinions from both sides of the spectrum. What I loved about the article and comments from members of both communities and trains of thought is that even the way we handle our disagreements is “so beautiful!” Minister Farrakhan has alluded to this and so did some of the comments. The Muslims in the Middle East and our people in Africa fighting / killing one another supposedly over ideological and religious differences have much to learn and observe from our two communities here in the west. I know the heart of the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan and I can also see sincerity and the good in the heart of Imam Saahir and others. In the deferring opinions, perceptions I see the love for what you truly have but also the respect and consideration of others. When we witnessed how Imam Warith Ud-Din Mohammed and Farrakhan related to each other, and how we as communities, individuals so respectively disagree, as Bro. Malikah Saleem most beautifully stated, “Allah (SWT) is orchestrating all of this at this moment in time.” In that regard, we all have much to study on both sides; and after all, we both have one common root, which must be studied.

  • Bilal M Hasan

    Go and get a copy of Meeting of the Minds Savior;s Day in Los Angels California 2002 or 2003

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