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wdmpublications fp The good folks at WDM Publications are inviting us all to submit requests for lectures to be made available from what has to be a massive collection of Imam W. Deen Mohammed lectures.

On the front page of their site you will find this quote: “It is our desire to meet your demand and release titles in support of the direction Imam Mohammed has left for us.”

Not only is this a good business decision, it is also good news for us when it comes to researching Imam Mohammed’s body of work.  Inside the ‘Send us your suggestions’ page WDM publications gives us these instructions:

“It is our intention to continue to make available monthly lectures by Imam W. Deen Mohammed. Our stock of lectures by Imam Mohammed, is very large as you might be aware and includes previously released and never released titles.

It is our desire to meet your demand and release titles in support of the direction Imam Mohammed has left for us.

Due to your requests, we are asking you to send us suggestions on titles you would like to be released and made available. As you know, past titles were not cataloged as they are now, so when making suggestions please include the specific title, date, facility, and location. We ask that you seek the assistance of your Imam and Community Leaders, when selecting titles and sending in requests.


WDM Publications”

So, to assist Imam Mohammed’s association with its efforts to continue to study his language and to meet a minimum of the requirements of WDM Publications, this partial list of lectures by Imam Mohammed is offered.

This list will be continually updated when knowledge of lectures not included become available.

Right off the bat, it is obvious that all of Imam Mohammed’s First Sunday lectures will have to be added and this will occur next.

Anyone having knowledge of a lecture or lectures not already included in this list should post the lecture information in the comment section below, or should send an email with the pertinent information to: , and your information will be added.

The downloadable file will always contain the date of the last update (example thelist_12-14-2008.pdf).

Any updates to the list will be posted on this page either on a Saturday or a Sunday.

All input is welcome.

  • This list is based on the work efforts (with our additions) of Imam W.D. Shakir from the Washington, D.C. area.

We thank you greatly!

I will attempt to post this list in other formats when requested.

6 comments to Send Us Your Title Suggestions

  • Omar Hameed

    As Salaam Alaikum
    Much needed Nashid. As always, you’re on top of things
    Additions to the List:

    Prophet Muhammad Fulfilled the sign of Jesus
    Al-Islam: An Environment for Intelligence and Learning, Atlanta, Georgia May 15, 1995
    The Essentials of Al Islam, Newark, N.J., October 2, 1995
    The Practical Benefits of Faith, Newark, New Jersey October 3, 1995
    The Oneness of God, Newark, New Jersey October 4, 1995
    Religion that gives Focus, Willingboro, New Jersey October 8, 1995
    Muslim Basic Values, Meadowlands Exposition Center, March 10, 1996
    Steps on the Road to Progress, New Brunswick, New Jersey July 5, 1996

  • Muhammed

    As Salaam Alaikum

    Gog and Magog was delivered by Imam Mohammed on:

    October 5, 1986 at Masjid Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

    • nashid

      Wa Alaikim As Salaam Muhammed:

      Thanks for your input. I have indeed found a partial transcript of this lecture dated as you indicated, 10-05-1986.


  • fuad akbar

    how do you listen to the lectures in the list or read them?

    • nashid

      ASA Fuad.
      You have asked a question that millions of Imam Mohammed’s students have asked. This list is only an attempt to catalog the lectures given by Imam Mohammed while he was with us. Right now, there is no centralized location to go to, to listen to or read all of Imam Mohammed’s lectures. There are efforts to preserve and transcribe Imam Mohammed’s lectures by many of us who recognize the importance of this. The links to sites listed at the bottom of this page will get you webpages and yahoo groups where Imam Mohammed’s lectures are shared. I recommend New Africa Radio as your first stop.

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