G-d Made Man to be a Producer

industrious roots Man is given superior, super ability over all of the other creatures created by G-d.

When you look at the Bible and in other Scripture, it tells you of man’s ability and capacity to produce.  And G-d influencing him is for him to be productive and produce in an abundance of goods.

G-d inspired him to do that.

At the same time, G-d is promising that “the blinded eye shall see.”  After the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, you should be able to interpret that for yourself.

It means the uneducated shall be educated.  And their future does not depend on their masters.

But G-d will reveal to one of the uneducated and make that uneducated the new leader and the new light for the world.

That is exactly what happened in the time of Muhammed the Prophet.

  • Imam W. Deen Mohammed 01-01-06

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