G-d Accepts Nothing But Good

world trade center collapse Prophet Muhammed said:  “Surely, G-d is good, and He does not accept any but good.”  That is to say that you can’t give G-d a billion dollars from drug sales.  He won’t accept it.

He rejects your money from illegal business, and He reject hypocrisy and He rejects deceit.  No matter how much you do for religion or G-d, if you offer G-d something bad, He rejects it.

He only accepts good.  He is as Muhammed the Prophet said.

Now a suicide bomber is going to give G-d his life, but look at what he is doing.  He is taking his own life, which is a major sin in our religion, as it is for Christians.

And he is also taking the lives of innocent men, women, and children.

Applying the same logic that Muhammed gave us and that Scripture gave us, his life will not be accepted.

He is giving his life in vain.

G-d also says in our Holy Book:”There are those who work feverishly and diligently building a great thing in their name, to find in the hereafter before G-d, in the Judgement, that all of their work that they thought to be a contribution to G-d will be rejected, and they will find themselves in hell.”

We have to be aware of these things that are taught in our religion.

  • Imam W. Deen Mohammed 11-06-01

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