Black Concentration Camp Survivor

gertschrammfp Gert Schramm was 15 years old when he was deported to the Nazi’s Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany . He was the youngest prisoner there – and the only one with dark skin color.

Placed over the camp’s main entrance gate, was the slogan Jedem das Seine (literally “to each his own”, but figuratively “everyone gets what he deserves”).

Included also in Buchenwald were Jews, communists and social democrats, priests and homosexuals, Russian prisoners of war, and other non-desirables to the Nazi regime.

In an article, written by John Kantara, a 44 yr old Afro-German documentary filmmaker and freelance writer, the story is told of how Schramm, then just 15 years old, survived his year-long imprisonment in Buchenwald.

Schramm was protected by the older white prisoners, who surrounded him during the daily roll call.  “They knew if he were in the front lines at roll call that he would not last very long.”

…from USA Today

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