A New School of Thought For America!


“The Earth is firmly fixed; it shall not be moved.” -Psalms 104:5

It was this verse that was used as evidence against Galileo, who argued for the theory of Copernicus, that the earth is not immovable, but rotates around the sun.  It was for teaching this that he was called to Rome in 1633, and tried for the crime of heresy.  Also in our history as human beings, we thought the earth was flat and anyone who dared to challenge this was considered a lunatic.

In his usual detailed and convincing reasoning way, Imam Faheem Shuaibe presents the creditable argument that “A New School of Thought is Needed for America and Imam Mohammed Should Lead It”, that no doubt is met with disapproval by many Muslim scholars and laymen, in America and abroad.

Imam Shuaibe begins his presentation with the recorded history of a 20th century scientist whose earth shaking works changed the scientific world and the way the periodic table of elements is ordered.  This new way of seeing the periodic table was not easily accepted at first.  Even when presented with inarguable truths, some minds just don’t change to a better way of thinking very easily:

“The idea that one would be brash enough to change the periodic table, after all these years, in this fashion when everybody felt that thorium, protactinium, and uranium should be in those sacrosanct positions up in the body of the periodic tables, under hafnium, tantalum, and tungsten.”

“I showed this periodic table to some of my friends, the most eminent inorganic chemists in the world and told them that I plan to publish it and they said “don’t do it Glenn.  Its wrong.  It would ruin your scientific reputation.

Well, I’m fond of saying that I had an advantage.  I didn’t have any scientific reputation at that time.  So I went ahead and published it.” ……Glenn T. Seaborg

Seaborg’s new arrangement enabled him to predict the properties of still more elements.  His ideas were later verified when the elements were produced artificially.

Glenn T. Seaborg was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1951.

Using this and other examples, Imam Faheem attempts to open the closed mind of the Muslim world.

Please give a listen.

A New School of Thought For America and Imam Mohammed Should Lead It

Faheem Shuaibe is a national leader in the African American Muslim community, resident Imam of Masjidul Waritheen in Oakland, California and director of the Mohammed Schools of Oakland, and is considered an  advanced student of the late Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

More about Imam Shuaibe at his website: A Clear Understanding

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  • Nadiyah Abdul-Malik

    I am in complete agreement! Imam WDM ( may Allah bless him)did teach us that we are a competely new people in this part of the world after the slave experience we suffered, and that he can’t forgive the guilty ones who perpetrated it, Personally I have almost gone into seclusion from Af.American Muslims in my city who have allowed themselves to become Arabized.I am keeping association with African American Muslims who respect IWDM’s tafsir.Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did go into more
    favorable areas when needed, and yes we should stop being mistreated and go to where there are Muslims who are like-mined, so we can make proper progress.

  • amira yasin

    bismillah ir rahmaan ir rahim,
    la illaha illallah,muhammadur rasullullah,
    mecca,medinah,taqwah and jihaad 1984-2008
    you know i think this is a good thing as imam w.deen mohammed mentioned this several times in some of his lectures,talks,ect.
    maybe imam shuaibe can put some flesh on the bones.
    we need to agree on titles for the books,kinds of paper and selling prices.
    the books must be shared by all of the people with free access.
    thats a lot of print since 1975.of course you already know that all the muslim journal articles are preserved and available in ann arbor michigan. i think its three hundred dollars for each year. see your muslim journal. feel free to write to me at salatulfajr@yahoo.com. i am an ordinary believer now 72 that survived the so called first resurrection. that was a trip to be sure. al hamdulillah that allah ta ala honored us with imam w.deen mohammed. (may allah forgive him his sins and his faults and grant him the blessings of paradise) ameen

  • Imam Muhammad A. Harisuddin

    As Salaamu Alaikum, With Allah’s Name, The Merciful benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer. Praises for G-d , We thank for for His Noble Prophet Mohammed(saw) and Ask Allah’s Mercy and peace be upon IWDM. I’d also like ask Allah’s guidance and blessings on the efforts of Imam Faheem Shuaibe as he works in the area of IWDM’s school of thought. This is a must do for the sake of the world. I remember the inner city in the 1970’s when heroin was “king.” Society developed a synthetic called methadone as a maintenance drug that would satisfy the cravings of the addicts. So a couple of times a day they would go to clinics for a mintenance dose. I see this as an analogy of the condition of most of the Muslim world. they’re on a “maintenance dose of Islam.” It could be called synthetic because its lost the creative, life-giving and resuscitating properties. No longer is the Islamic world looked to as the source for bringing life to the dead world. Yet, the Holy Qur’an was revealed to give life to the dead. What is needed is the tafsir of Imam W, Deen Mohammed. The hope and the quality of life in America and the world needs this now. Those with eyes and ears should be able to see glimpses of the possibilities in the language of IWDM by observing the President-elect Obama.

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