This website is dedicated to the Islamic philosophy of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. It is a philosophy that is comprehensive in its scope, having as its source and structure, the Qur’an and the Bible, and in particular, the life example of Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessing of G-d be upon him).

It is a unique philosophy that can bring for us, establishment in America. An establishment that we won’t have to be ashamed of. An establishment where we are resourceful and productive enough to meet our community needs ourselves, without having any other group carry us.

A philosophy and a spirit that produces independent vision and a fine destiny for our people having our humanity and our intelligence respected by the world’s communities.

It is a philosophy with the breadth to accommodate human nature at its best, and with the depth to identify with the champion we have in common, the dynamic African American soul.

As descendants whose ancestors were brought to America from Africa as slaves, we are very blessed to have had the powerful and fertile mind of Imam Mohammed, who has said:

” …..from the moment that they picked us up and singled us out, for the abuses, I think we were already being an influence for changing the world.
Yes! For changing the whole world.

America is more socially mature, than any other nation I know of. Why? Because it has used us for its experimentation. It has used us for its experimentation.

In its experiment with freedom, nothing has been more valuable,and more important as a factor, in their experiment with freedom, than the soul and life of our people. Yes!

They have used us to awaken the best in their own people. They have used us to bring out the best in their own people. They have used us as a kind of cathartic medicine, to purge the soul of their own devilish people.

So that their people will become a healthier and better people for the great plan of their founding fathers, because they weren’t even fit to support that plan, in that terrible, diabolic nature that they were in before they poured out their misery on us, and cured themselves by some kind of therapy. Yes. By some kind of therapy, they cured themselves.

But who was used? We were! We were! We were used to heal the nation.

And now this nation, as I said, is more socially mature, and more healthy, as social members in the society of mankind, than most of the people I know in the nations of the world.

Most of them. They maybe devoted to ritual. The maybe devoted to righteousness more that most Americans. They may be devoted to honesty and decency and loving their neighbor, but when it comes to social maturity, most of them are much more deficient, or lacking than the average American citizen. Much more.

They don’t have the social maturity of the American people. Yes. So its not a single person that has been a sign for the healing of this sick world. It is a group of people, African American people, who have served as a sign for the healing of the hearts and souls of the world.

G-d chose you for that, and He will reward you in equal measure. Whatever the world took from you with G-d’s permission, G-d has to reward you in equal measure.

And didn’t the world take away from you, your connection, with your own lifeline as a society or as a people. Yes. So then, to pay you back, G-d must connect you again with your own lifeline, so that you can become a society, and a people anew.

And a people supported by the excellence of mother nature, by the excellence of mother nature. A people reconciled with the material world, as the mate, or the help meet, for the mind of mankind. Yes.

So you have to become again, a lover of G-d’s creation, in its beauty, and in its service to mankind. Become Again.

This is the natural life of healthy people who are going to progress, who are going to make for progress in the world, who are going to lead the world to progress. That’s their beginning.

Their beginning is, appreciating beauty in the natural world. Appreciating the help they get from the natural world.  Appreciating the utility for industry, and human life that G-d has put in the natural world.

So we need leaders, men and women, who will fall in love, if you are not already in love, fall in love with G-d’s creation, in its beauty and in its service to mankind. Then you’ll become connected again to the natural world, as G-d connected the first parent, Adam.

You’ll become connected again to the natural world. This will situate you for progress, more that any other thing will. “

  • (Imam W. Deen Mohammed – New Africa, A New Mind, A New Beginning for Black People in America – 06/21/03 Harlem,NY)


As you can see, it is a knowledge that can completely cure the long and devastating hang over we’ve had as African Americans, since slavery times.

Whether addressing the Nation of Islam’s (NOI) former or current members, African American Muslims who were never a part of the NOI, immigrant Muslims to America, Muslims in cradle of the Islamic world, Christians, Jews, Whites, Blacks, whoever…, Warith Deen Mohammed has oftentimes been the lone advocate in calling human life on planet earth to work steadily and truthfully for the accommodation of human nature at its best.

I thank Allah for Imam W. Deen Mohammed’s ability to stay committed to, and selflessly shoulder, the grueling work (by himself at times) required by the great blessings that Allah has given us all for human salvation.

A Three Day Journey will work for that effort, and invites all to contribute in furthering human excellence in all aspects of life. Business, political, educational, cultural, social, spiritual, it doesn’t matter. All facets with excellence in mind are welcomed.